Name Edit

Azeera Nightwind

Physical traits Edit

When behold without a mask and without a hood, Her silvery white hair, white skin and black mark that arches across her face is the first and most noteworthy trait about her, Being of average Nightelven height she looks somewhat young for a nightelf. Usually seen in dark robes or in a black void-like armor. Though the most terrifying part about her would be her eyes, glowing forever more with the eternal power that brought her fourth, holding nothing more the hatred and death wherever her eyes gazes upon.

Background Edit

Appearing about the same time Ashana Nightwind vanished, Nothing else is known about her, other then her affiliation with the Dark embrace.

Guild Edit

Hand of Death

House of Nightwind Edit

As with Ashana, Azeera claims to belong to the ancient and forgotten House of Nightwind, however there are no proof of her claims.

Family Edit

Azeera whom by now have tracked down any Nightwind survivors of the Sundering and killing them, to effectivly ensure Her house's knowledge remains for her own use alone.

As for Family, What Azeera's twisted version for a family is what she calls all of her Deathknights whom she raised personally or converted from the Scourge.

Spells and abilites Edit

Chains of the Damned: Azeera's hatred made manifest, these black chains can emerge from anywhere Azeera is present, Mostly used to immobilize or Crush her opponent.

Raise dead: As many Deathknights Azeera can raise the dead with simple a gesture.

Death Scream: Unleashing a powerful Banshee scream, this causes severe Sonic damage to anything nearby Azeera.

Black Blight: Through her own twisted useage of Nature she has assumed control over the Insects and spiders, capable of directing them to bite and tear anyone or anything nearby.

Death and sorrow: A more lethal form of Death and decay, causing the target to suffer mentally as their bodies corrode under her terrible will.

Devour: Azeera is able to "Devour" any form of spell cast against her, be it holy or shadow its all the same to her. Is capable of unleashing a even more devastating spell if she is given the time to do so.

Battle Stances Edit

'Banshee stance: Using her twin shard blades and her chains of the damned, This stance allows for ranged attacks with a touch of Banshee screams. Best way to counter it is to get close enough against her, Staying on the range when she is in this stance is not adviced.

Stance of Destruction: Using her two handed blade called Nek'path, She relies on semi fast but very powerful melee swings, along with magics aimed to no other end then complete annihilation. Best countered with Silenceing effects and fast close quarter attacks.

The Marked Stance: Using her twinblades in conjunction with the enchantment she made on her face marking, she is able to ascend to four diffrent phases. Each phase increases her strength and speed somewhat. Best way to counter it is to take her out fast, Before she ascends to the stage four, altough she cannot hold the fourth phase for too long, so its either run or stand and try to survive. Will be severly weaken if ascended to the fourth phase regardless of defeat or victory.

Trivia Edit

Considers all around her a waste of her time.

Hates Life more then she hates Lashela Alania.

Quotes Edit

"The sad part is that you actually think you have a chance against me"

"Your Soul will be an excellent appetizer regardless."

"Come then Mortal, Show me your hatred, let it fill you, So i can tear it from your soul"

"Suffering.. You speak as if you knew the meaning of that word! Come and i shall show you what it truly means!"

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