Alliancecrest small Azoozel "Zooz" Kiya Mordrayne
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warlock
Age 23
Alignment Lawful Neutral(Good tendencies)
Affiliation The Alliance
Occupation Witch
Status Alive
Relative(s) Daniel (Son, Adopted)

Name Edit

Azoozel "Zooz" Kiya Mordrayne

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock (Witch).

Physical Traits Edit

A slim woman in her early twenties. Her skin has the pallor of one that has spent most of her time reading books inside rather than enjoying the great outdoors. Her eyes are sky-blue and have a very piercing quality to them, like they are looking straight into a persons soul. She is not very tall, but carries herself in a way that makes her seem tall.

Weight: 9 stones (approximately 126 pounds or 57.27 kilograms)

Talents Edit

Delay Injury: Azoozel can defer a physical injury to a later point in time not suffering its effects until that time (when she will presumably have healing close at hand).

Occupation Edit

Enchantress, Tailor


Affiliated with House Ravenwind

Background Edit

Azoozels birth name is not known. One day when she was an infant, her father staggered mortally wounded into Darksihre. The only word he uttered before he fell dead on the ground was "Azoozel", and it was assumed, that that was the name of the child in his arms. The truth was revealed years later along with the identity of Azoozels mother, the warlock Kiya Mordrayne. Azoozel was the name of the Succubus that murdered Azoozels mother and fatally wounded her father (It is assumed, that Kiya failed to control the Succubus after summoning her). Azoozel has kept her first name as she was already known by it and adopted her mothers name as her last name. The name of her father is as yet undiscovered.

Growing up an orphan in gloomy Darkshire gave Azoozel an early fascination with the darker sides of magic. Fascinated by the power promised by netherworldly creatures she first studied the arts of war under Althea Ebonlocke in Darkshire. As soon as she was able she traveled to Stormwind City to study Shadow Magic.

In Stormwind she met a Night Elf emissary of House Ravenwind, and followed her back to Teldrassil where she eventually joined House Ravenwind.

Though she regularly consorts with demons and other Netherspawn, Azoozel (Zooz to her friends) has little patience for evil.

Family Background Edit

Kiya Mordrayne (mother, deceased)

Father unknown

Daniel (son, adopted)

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

Azoozel is currently expanding her knowledge of the world outside of her books. She would be extremely interested in anyone or anything that could give her a hint to the identity of her father - or her real (birth) name.

Recently, with help from Redemptio Coronae, she located and confronted the demoness that killed her parents.

Alignment Edit

Lawful Neutral (good tendencies)

Azoozel believes that laws are nessecary for a society to function. She tends not to involve herself on matters of good vs. evil, but if pressed, she would choose good.

Influences Edit

Granny Weatherwax Granny is considered by most people (including herself) to be the most powerful witch on the Discworld. She is immensely confident in her own abilities and is good in the way a cold shower or some nauseous medicine is; it hurts at first, but it is good for you. As Pratchett would put it, being Good and Right doesn't make you Nice, and she isn't. She prefers to be respected, and if that is tinged with an element of fear, so be it.

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