Hordecrest small Bamboo´Chaa
Title(s) Shadow Hunter & Tribal Warlord
Gender Male
Race Troll
Age 36-40
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Atal´Loa & Darkspear Tribe
Occupation Leader of Atal´Loa, Hexxer & Master Tactician
Status Alive
Relative(s) Offspring:Tan'yi


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Bamboo´Chaa is known for his height but he is 9 feet tall, Towering over most other trolls but somewhat lacking the muscle tone to match up with it making him appear rather scrawny next to more bulky humanoids, yet he takes great pride in his body and appearance.

He wears a Voodoo mask all the time, he also straps two spirit masks in his shoulders beside that he prefers to wear just a simple harness and loincloth (sometimes he wears a kilt over it so not everyone are forces to look at the shape of his you know what) He hangs shrunken heads in his belt and his harness is decorated with trophies from his slain foes.

This outfit is bound to the Shadow Hunters and its a ancient custom for it, It was made to scare off evil and embrace the power of the shadows, therefor he will be angry at anyone who disrespects it in some way, like taking him for some simple barbarian or finding the fact he´s half naked disturbing.

He´s middle aged (which makes him a big and strong adult troll) and his long, dark blue dreadlock hair has started to gray but he remains confident about his looks.

Race and Class

Male Troll Shadow Hunter [1]


Bamboo´Chaa is (unlike most trolls) quite complicated as a person. Many take him as evil for he sure is violent, aggressive, has a cold stare and is (almost) without mercy. But those are his trollish trades, of course most Darkspear Trolls are laid back but ´Chaa rarely finds the time to relax, he´s a troll of rank and he holds a personal responsibility towards many things.

Many fellow players claim he´s "Attila The Hun" of SWC... sounds fitting.

- Trivia -

He has a dark sense of humor.

He is quite perverted. (in a funny way)

He is of a mistrusting nature.

He respects his elders.

He cares for untouched nature, in his eyes Stranglethorn Vale is a holy land.

He claims that his body is perfect and a gift from the gods.

As the previous comment screamed out, he is a egoist.

He loves his culture and the powerful Voodoo magics.

He can be tricked quite easy (he´s not a liar himself)

He has no idea what a "Gnome" is, when he has seen one he has taken them for Dwarf children.

He has no skill with music, yet he has a giant Gong (he bought it only to impress girls)

He rarely drinks or smokes, when he does he gets sentimental and then a blackout.

He has collected many treasures on his journeys, rare troll items and such, most of it is considered crap by other races.

He used to be against women getting as much rights as men until his firstborn turned out to be a daughter.

He loves his daughter more than anything, for she is the first person of his flesh and blood he comes in real contact with.

He would have a hard time harming a child now, something he did not mind in the past. (children of other races, he would of course hate to harm a troll one)

He refers to Humans and elves and pinkskins, Forsaken as Rotskins and the scourge as Creeps.

((more to come))


When Bamboo´Chaa dared to return from exile due to his godfather´s sickness he knew he could only redeem himself by staying close to the horde and show loyalty, By joining The Earthfury Clan a group of nomads lead by the wise far seer, Chiftain Hrisskar Bamboo´Chaa could show that he was capable of loyalty, still he refused to take up shamansm, he worked hard to make himself so useful to the clan, his relidgeon and savage spellcraft were tolerated by most other clan members, those who stood against him were not so foolish to say they did.

Bamboo´Chaa was quick to become one of the most respected members of the Clan (yet he was mistrusted being the High Priestess´s majordomo) Chieftain Doomforge favored his cunning and bravery and placed good word for him in Grommash hold -Bamboo´Chaa was promoted to Overseer over Malaka'jin serving the Horde in the Clan´s lands.

Bamboo´Chaa left The Earthfury Clan after the events of Rekindled and Hrisskar´s death.

He Formed Atal´Loa and is still leading the guild today.



Bamboo´Chaa peforming a ritual.

While being trained as a Headhunter, the young Bamboo'Chaa proved to be a born leader and warrior and once he was allowed to study Voodoo he displayed natural talent for it, proving the tribe´s Elders right.

He became one of the few ´Shadow Hunters´ by the time his training was at a end the Darkspear tribe were struggling against the human invasion and the rampaging Murlocs. 'Chaa put all his energy in protecting his homelands and the tribe.

After leaving the Darkspear tribe, he settled in Stranglethorn Vale. There he came across a hermit Witch Doctor who recognized his talent and began to teach him the ways of the Witch Doctor, he never finished the training but he knows enough to guide novices today.

Holding knowledge in those two fields has made 'Chaa a skilled Hexxer but he rather be known as a Shadow Hunter.

Bamboo'Chaa uses his powers to help his fellow trolls in any way he can but his devotion and loyalty is to the Loa.

-Occupations within the Horde-

Champion of the Earthfury Clan, (replaced by Ergoth)

Overseer over the Hunting outpost Malaka'jin, Replaced by Nihli

Warleader within the Darkspear tribe, presenting them at the Horde´s Warcouncil.

Centurion of the Horde.

-Personal Work-

Leader of Atal´Loa.


Explorer and adventurer.

Tribal Celebrity.


"Bamboo´chaa may be one of the most powerful trolls to have lived, if he´s not, he will be" -The wise elders of the Darkspear Tribe.



Bamboo´Chaa is most found of material arts but he is also highly skilled with many weapons, mainly Glaives, spears, swords and bows. Few have faced him in combat and lived. His Reputation for being cruel and merciless is not fiction but in the last few years he's not been displaying much of it, weather he's been softened by age or simply smartened up enough not to rely in brute force, is up for debate.

But his greatest powers lie in his knowledge of Voodoo, shadow magic and spirit power. He has gathered many wards and trinkets who empower him, his uniform and battle armor is a weapon on it's own.



Tan´yi in her crib in Malaka´Jin.

Mother: Yu'Jahi (of The Darkspear Tribe) (Dead)

Blood Father: a unknown Zandalar Troll - Witchdoctor (who was possessed and driven mad by a evil LOA) he raped Bamboo´Chaa´s mother. The Zandalar tribe claim they know nothing of this troll.

God Father: Head Hunter Bala'Chaa (of The Darkspear Tribe) (Dead)

former Mate: Vazja

Offsprings: Tanyi´Chaa (Tan'yi) his and Vazja´s daughter, thought he could have more he does not know about.

Close friends: Arakajin (dead), Hrisskar (dead), Margok (dead) and Jin´Zil (NPC)

Apprentices / Students: Winkuen & Ranka (and Azézao, to some extent)

Pets and Companions


Zuuluz The Strong.

Zuuluz: Zuuluz is Bamboo´Chaa´s riding

Voo The Faithful.

raptor and 'Chaa is quite found of him, it took him years to find a suitable steed due to his size.

It took Bam many tries to tame Zuuluz for the raptor was already a adult but in the end it worked out. Zuuluz was a elderly raptor, quite fat and lazy and not good for riding. He was killed when MazActaz attacked the Atal'Loa settlement in Betrayal and Destruction.

Voo: Voo was Bamboo'Chaa´s first pet, a boar Bala'Chaa brought home from the north and gave him. few years later the boar was killed in a fight, blown apart by a the first Dwarf Bam had ever encountered. Now Bam can summon his companion´s spirit though a simple Voodoo ritual, it takes the form of the boar´s mangled remains and charges into battle.


Rajah The Mighty.

Rajah´Khan: 'Chaa's newest animal companion and friend.

Bamboo´Chaa and the other trolls of Atal'Loa freed Rajah from the Skullplitter Tribe who were assured he was a gift from Hakkar (tigers this big had not been seen in the vale for ages) Bamboo'Chaa took care of the tiger while it recovered, when the time came to set it free again it would not leave his side. Rajah´Khan will gladly allow Bamboo'Chaa to ride on his back, therefor a saddle and Armor has been prepared for him.


Can be found out though simply asking in Roleplay (and its fairly easy to, as a egoist he enjoys talking about himself)

I would like to turn his life into RP stories, to bad I ain´t a writer, Three chapters down though.

The House of Jin

Across The Sea, A Vale so Vile

Across the sea, A Vale so Vile - Part 2.

Family Background, The Tale Of Bala´Chaa

The troll Bala´chaa was a adventurer and a Headhunter within the Darkspear tribe. as a youngling he was quite good at getting himself in trouble and danger, His parents had hoped that he would outgrow that but it just got worse. He was then married against his will to a girl his age called Yu´Jahi. The newly weds we´re not to keen on this, after all they both wanted to head out and seek adventure but it was that desire that lead to their good friendship. They we´re sometimes physically drawn to each other (which is a complete nature for trolls) but nothing more.

Few years passed and they grew apart until the day Yu´Jahi learned that she was pregnant. she knew this child was not Bala´chaa´s for she had been raped violently few weeks before.

Bala´chaa had no idea of her being raped and the though of becoming a father got him out of the depression he had been fighting since the murlocs murdered his parents, Yu´Jahi could not brake his heart and tell him the truth.

And then the day came when Yu´Jahi gave birth to a son. Bala´Chaa saw that the child was not his, but unexpectedly he did not care, Bala´Chaa gave Yu´Jahi his promise to do all in his power so her son could grow up and to be a strong agile Troll, he became his god father.

Few months later Yu´Jahi disappeared. Her corpse was found hanged in a tree not so far away. Bala´Chaa knew she had committed a suicide, she had been been depressed after giving birth to a child conceived by rape. This made Bala´Chaa decide that he would would raise Bamboo´Chaa as his real son and teach him the art of headhunting, he would make him a good troll, after all he could not be all bad, he was his mother´s child.

When Bamboo´Chaa came of age he learned the truth but for him it changed a little about how he felt for Bala´Chaa, ´Chaa understood that the old headhunter had sacrificed a lot for him, in his mind they are still father and son.

Years passed and Bala´Chaa took ill, Bamboo´Chee knew he could no longer take care of the old troll that had followed him into exile. Bamboo´Chaa redeemed himself before Warchief Thrall and the famous Vol´Jin, Bala´Chaa was allowed to stay in Shadowprey Village and Bamboo´Chaa guided how to earn their trust.

Bala´Chaa got better once back again with the Tribe but his sight was fading a week after he lost it completely he died due to his old age and sickness. Bamboo´Chaa took his body and buried it on one of the Echo Isles His grave is marked with many skulls like a proper head hunter grave.

See also: The 'Chaa Family Tree

Criminal Record

Clean, beside insulting the Warchief in the past.

Personal Notes

Proud owner of The biggest collection of shrunken heads in Azeroth.


"Have you come to challenge me to a fight to the death?" - how he he greets strangers politely.

"Foolish is the soul that messes with a troll" - a ancient poem (no wonder trolls are not know for their poetry)


Current Status

Recently; Bamboo'Chaa was nearly killed in a assassination attempt via poison, it took him a long time to recover. Only through the persistence and cunning of those truly loyal to him, the would be assassin was unmasked.

Bamboo'Chaa is currently leading the fight against the Zandalar in Zul'Gurub from his newly erect ancestral village of Bambala along with gathering what remains of Atal'Loa.

'Chaa no longer sees the Zandalar Tribe as role models for his race after the fools turned desperate.

He wants to assure victories in Zul'Grurb and Zul'Aman before heading on a undercover mission to Zuldazar where he plans to steal back his daughter.

He asked the Priestess Jenaiya to marry him, a few months have passes and she still has not given him a answer.

Character Notes


"Foolish is the soul that messes with a Troll"

The Main RP influence Bamboo'Chaa is Darth Vader from the Star Wars Trilogy, a powerful, hands-on villain who was feared by both his enemies and allies, the true form of Lawful Evil, bending the world to his image by force.

Gallery (includes original artwork and more than one image that are complete satires)


'Chaa and Vazja´s wedding at Malaka´Jin.


Bamboo as a Whelp.


As a Adult.


A comic strip.


Old jokes are the best.


´Rekindled´ feat Sasaya art by User:Bamboochaa.


Midlife Crisis!


A visit to Zalazane.


Bamboo´Chaa aids the WarChief in Undercity.

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