Name: Bartholemew Moonstrider

Title: Field commander

Age: 961 years old

Status: Dead


Father: Karanax Moonstrider ((DECEASED))

Mother: Jinia Moonstrider ((DECEASED))

Siblings: Kuránix Moonstrider ((PRESUMED DEAD))

Cousin: Ilithariús Moonstrider ((ALIVE))

Current StatusEdit

Bartholemew is now dead. He is buried at Fairbreeze Village, the town he once protected from The Scourge.

                         See Files for the reports about his death


Investigation report from The Guards of Silvermoon regarding the death of Bartholemew Moonstrider

File ID. 18275 - Silvermoon

We discovered the body in Murder's Row at the day the sun was settling two hours before time. The body was covered with foam, which had originated from the victim's mouth. The body was already decomposing and there was several places allover the body where there were gatherings of blood. The victim also had suffered from hairloss due to death, which we thought was poison. The victims face had also suffered from the death. The face seemed to be contracting due to lack of body liquids and the eyes was gone, and he had also lost several of his teeth. The victim also seemed to have been eating and drinking before the time of the accident. After the discovering of the body we started to identify the victim. We asked the people of Silvermoon if they knew the victim. We then found out that it was the Field Commander of the Army of The Scourge. We will carry on with the investigation to see if it was a murder, accident or suicide.

File ID. 18276 - Silvermoon

We have established the cause of death of Bartholemew Moonstrider. The victim has injected poison in his bloodveins and walked into Murder's Row, where he then had died from failures in the heart, lungs, kidneys and the brain. We found no one willing to take care of the body, so we have handed it over to the Regent Lord who was a friend of the victim. He will either find his relatives to hold the ceremony or do it by himself.

Memorial speech from Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron at Bartholemew's funeral

"Today a great hero of the Sin'Dorei passed from us. He was dedicated to his race and he did great deeds for the lands of Quel'Thalas. Not only was he a hero, he was also a personal friend of mine so it hurts my heart to see him venture to our ancestors. Bartholemew will always be remembered for his dedication for other people and his dedication for whatever purpose he was following. Of course we all know of his allegiance but sources told me that he broke free and tried to redeem himself from his misdeeds. And now I.. Lor'themar Theron, Regent Lord of Silvermoon will redeem you of your sins, brother. Let us never forget what he did to our great nation, and may we never forget that even though you choose another allegiance, you will always be redeemed if you make the right choice. Bartholemew, may the eternal sun guide you in your path to our ancestors. You will never be forgotten friend. May you rest in peace."

Letter laid at Bartholemew's grave by Ilithariús

Dear cousin.. Goodbye. I am going to miss you even though we were different up to your death. I will never forget how you took care of me at the time of our familiy's downfall. If it wasn't for you i would have died and never been able to carry on your legacy. You will be dearly missed cousin. Not only by me, but also your friends and of course...Herah. I am glad you two made up and almost found love once more, but sadly it was short. I will promise you that i will take care for her and make sure she is well. May we meet again cousin.... Someday. Your cousin. Ilithariús Moonstrider.

Goodbye Letter found at Bartholemew's old compound by a wandering Blood Elf

Who ever finds this.... Well you will know my last thoughts of life. I am probably dead by the time you find this, but if I am alive please just leave me alone. I am sure you are wondering what my last thoughts are, but you need to wait abit for that. We haven't been introduced yet... My name is Bartholemew Moonstrider, Field Commander of the Scourge, not a title I am proud of but that is what I am.... Or at least were. Recently I have broken free of the grasp, but now I feel empty. It is like my purpose with renewed life is over, I see no point in going on anymore, so that is why I have injected the poison you can see next to the letter into my bloodveins. It should probably begin to work soon, but enough about that. Now I will share my last thoughts with you. Well as some know... Scourge doesn't have any emotions other than hate and vengance, but then I must be very special because I have a warm feeling in my chest. I believe some people call it love and if it indeed is love, then I know who to "blame". Herah my darling love. I hope your not the one reading this, because I didn't do this because of you. I did it because I feel empty. I love you Herah, I always have and I always will, no matter if the feelings aren't mutual. Now... My dear cousin... Ilithariús. What is there to say to you? Alot but I feel my hands trembling, so I'll make it short. You really are a unique person, cousin. Strong hearted and talented, but look out cousin, you sometimes tend to be QUITE annoying and sorry to say.... You are a suck up for that Xenofyr. But you seem happy about serving him so I won't comment on it further. Cousin, I just want to thank you for all the things you have done for me in the past and I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you in my time as Scourge. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Now to my trusted general and best friend. Iefyr... Thanks, friend. If it wasn't for you... Well you know. I will forever be in your dept. Maybe I am dead by now but know that I would have done anything for you. And to you aswell. I am sorry for all the things I did towards you. I was an idiot who acted on a madman's voice. But I am happy to see you are resisting now. Take care old friend and may the Shadow's be with you forever. Now to the priestess that saved me. Nitaila... Thanks for never giving up on my lost soul, I know we maybe wasn't friends all the time, but now I call you more than a friend. I call you my guardian angel. Take care Tails. I will forever be gratefull for your help. May the eternal sun guide you all. Oh sorry! In this saying goodbye I totally forgot my thoughts, friend. Forgive me. It looks like the poison is starting to work now, so I must be quick. My thoughts before my death is... Despite all my actions, good or bad, I never did anything that benefitted me. And now that I finally do something for myself it kills me. Ironic isn't it? I did all that my former Master wanted and hoped for a life as a champion and it ends up killing me....again. Well now I can't write anymore, friend. Who ever reads this now. Farewell, friend. I hope my actions didn't affect your life and if they did. I am sorry. Now I will say goodbye to Quel'Thalas forever this time. Bartholemew is now in the past and I will never return. That is one pest less on Azeroth to worry about. Oh! I have one last favour to ask.. Tell my cousin Ilithariús that he is the new Patriarch of the Moonstriders and by that he will own my chest. He knows how to open it so just tell him what I just wrote. Thanks, friend. Now... That will be all from me... Goodbye Quel'Thalas, goodbye cousin, goodbye Iefyr, goodbye Tails, goodbye Herah my love and goodbye reader of this letter. Thanks for taking the time to read it. See you in the afterlife Yours faithfully.... Bart

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