Name Edit

Matthew Belgarde

Oftenly disguised as Jonas Danson, the Postmaster - A stolen identity, who is registered as official postman of the kingdom. Or as Baron Bel Vardus, Chairman of the Stormwind Council

Physical Traits Edit

Various aliases, depending on his wear.

Chairman Baron Bel Vardus is always dressed in red shirt, tuxedo pants and a lens. He walks with a small cane and tends to smoke a pipe. The buttons on his cloak carry the crest of house Vardus of Strahnbad.

Jonas Danson wears an official blue postmaster suit, with a blue hood and mask that cover everything but his eyes. Smoking cheap cigarettes, and lots of them, to hide his regular scent, this man regularly delivers mail all over the the Kingdom and can be found advertising deliveries of confident mails, sung love letters, death threats or anything else. His voice is altered by use of a Gnomish Voice Modulator. He may be found playing with a deck of cards, putting up some tricks combine with his magic.

On official TDE business, Matthew Belgarde wears a black and purple uniform, covered with the crescent of a snake. Despite his fire red hair, his sharp blue eyes are a catcher due to the contrast. He seems to tend to his looks. At times, he seems to smell a bit of cigars, herbs, or other burnt odors.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Elementalist

Occupation Edit

Chairman of the Stormwind Council as Baron Bel Vardus;

Postmaster of the Kingdom and freelance mercenary as Jonas Danson;

Dark Counsul for the Dark Embrace as Matthew Belgarde.


Jacks and Irene Belgarde , his real parents, have apparently been killed during his absence. They used to live above their shop 'Honest Blades' in Old Town.

Baron Emile Vardus, noble of Strahnbrad in the Alterac Mountains and leader of the Syndicate has been his foster father from age 4 to 18.

Nelinde Belgarde is his sister, who's recently found evidence of his body after he was presumed dead for over a year.

Background Edit

I grew up in the Alterac Mountains. A rough childhood as son of an important man. My father, Baron Emille Vardus, told me my mother had died at my birth. She was supposed to be the one I got my red hair and blue eyes from. He was a bitter man and didn't show his face much in person, but usually had other people to take care of me. When he was around, he always treated me distantly and more often as not was told how I didn't meet his standards.

My education was.. broad to say the least. A good few years I've spent in Dalaran, learning about magic, diplomacy, etiquette, politics and all kinds of other matters a noble son of a baron should know. Back home most of the people working for my father the baron feared me, just for carrying his title. However, his closest henchmen dragged me to whitness things they did to get used to it, eventually even participate in it. I've learned how to steal, deceive, bribe, interrogate.. even torture. Yes, the show my father was running wasn't very noble at all. Baron Vardus is the leader of the Syndicate, the worst rebels and criminals of the north.

During a 'diplomatic' task away from home in Menethil, I was approached by a woman in black, introducing herself as Ciara and inviting me to drink. Suddenly out of the blue she hits me with the strangest of stories and after hearing it a third time in disbelief, it finally struck me as true. I have a sister and I'm not born a criminal, nor a noble. I'm not a real Vardus, he took me to replace his own son when I was about 4. It really didn't surprise me he would've done such a thing.

After half a year with my 'new' family, things had turned sour and I left for what once was home: Strahnbad. A vengeful letter sent from Southshore to the one who caused me to leave, got intercepted and led to a new purpose. While waiting for this new purpose to unfold, my home-coming was (as expected) not a welcome one. Yet, I've managed to get past the thugs and see my old man to show what his adopted son had become - for the last time. Got a buck from the wanted poster as well, and after weeks of lobbying and dirty work, I was declared his official heir to the title: Baron Vardus. The Syndicate was left behind with a second-in-command, as they posed of little use for now.

My return to Stormwind was a hidden one. As much as I ought to thank the postmaster who leaked the letter, he is now sleeping with the fishes. Jonas Danson his name was. No relatives, no ties, no friends: A lonely soul with his post and actually a useful profession to gain information. So I ought to thank him again for his job, his clothes, and his identity.

The mistress nudged me to make myself useful, and it seemed that the Alliance was having trouble with their Council: The position of chairman was vacant. A chance not to be missed. Not what the mistress expected, but surely pleased with. As it is now, Baron Bel Vardus has become a respected person with high credibility about his neutrality. Excellent.

The council has ceased to function, sadly, as it was quite a fun game of politics. Eventhough hardly anyone noticed. Perhaps I was too good at it. With this chapter being over, I've moved back into the shadows, aiding the mistress at the new base in Amber Mill and working on enhancing the Humonculli.

A year ago, my sister had uncovered my hide-out inside the Stockades, where I was holding her niece. That day still stands firm in my memory, as she somehow managed to reflect both my felfire and necromantic ice back at me. The niece died, Nelinde herself looked like she was about to be a goner as well. My poor lil' sis. And then all went cold and black.

It seems I was somehow conserved and Ashana found a use for me after all these years. Once more I walk around Azeroth. A new mistress, although I'm unsure what to think of her, a new Embrace. We will see how this game plays out.

Criminal Record Edit

Suspect of various cases of theft, torture, black mail and murder in the Southshore records, but never convicted.

Personal Notes Edit

Confident in a cocky way, he'll make you believe he can do more as he actually can. He's a Kameleon because of his very two-sided youth. Kidnapped to be a son of a baron running a crime syndicate, he's highly educated, diplomatic and charming from one side, but tainted and scarred from all the crime and torturing he saw and learned as well. He's a mage, with the mentality of a rogue. It allows him to be two-faced, putting up a personality that would get him where he wants to be.

He has a dark side many have yet to uncover since it only lingers and isn't an active persuement. However, he could be put to do pretty much anything at all if the motivation is right.

He's an avid poker and chess player, which rather details his true behaviour. To him, everything is a game and he'ld even try and seduce his own mistress just for finding the limit in how far he can go. The dare of a challenge and getting away with it in one piece. He loves to bluff, and loves to trick and manipulate the other 'players' in his 'game' to see if he can get them to play the way he wants them to, or to find a way to bend whatever happens back into his advantage again.

Current Status Edit

After having been dead for over a year by his sister's hand, his body has been found and put to use by Ashana for matters yet unknown.

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