There are changes ahead. Whispers about the dark portal opening anew, the rising of the burning legion. Many new dangers lie ahead, the old ways will not suffice and new strategies need to be found. Explore the world, study the lore, dedicate to craftsmanship and always seek new ways to fight the many foes we encounter are the goals written on our battle standard. A guild on the brink of a new era, determined to turn the tides; Bending Destiny is recruiting new members.

Bending Destiny in its aim to explore the whole of Azeroth also has a horde guild called Twisting Fate. Most of our Bending members are present in this guild and though less organized we spent time there also, develop our characters, doing the quests etcetera.

More info can be found at our site or contact our members in game: Asuntil, Fluxus, Shrandar or Zardor. On horde side you might check for Dobral, Faranya, Stonar or Wicta.

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