Professor Berdrin Stormspanner (Doctor, Prospector of the Explorer's League)

Physical Traits

A middle-aged dwarf with raven-black hair and bright green eyes, most often covered up by whirring golden-lensed goggles. His skin is tanned, and sports a number of recent scars and burns. His well-trimmed beard and moustache are usually smeared with dust, blasting powder, and occasionally blood.

Usually cheerful and curious, can sometimes be more grave and serious when the occasion requires it.

Race and Class

Dwarf Male. Rifleman (Hunter).




Professor of Medicine, Biology and Advanced Explosives at the Ironforge University.

Prospector of the Explorer's League (Participated in the initial Uldaman digsite)

Doctor of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind

Commander of the Alliance army (retired).

Personal physician of Teliviel Farseil TarShaila, Champion of the Bronze Dragonflight.


One of the only remaining members of the Stormspanner clan. Brother to Berdrina Stormspanner, recently known to the rest of the world, and to Bernard Stormspanner (estranged half-brother). Rumours exist on an uncle, traitor to the Dark Irons, who may have sired an offspring, but it is best not to talk of this when near Berdrin.

Current and persistent rumours would indicate that Berdrin has been spotted numerous times around the world in the company of a young female nightelf, appearing to share more than just bonds of friendship.


Berdrin Stormspanner was born 176 years ago in Kharanos. After a happy childhood, he performed the standard Khaz Modan military service at the outpost of Dun Modr in the Wetlands, near the Thandol Span, upon reaching adulthood at 40, demonstrating great investigative skills and unrooting a Dark Iron infiltrator and sympathizer cell. This earned him the nickname "The Hound of Dun Modr".

Following his military service, began studies of engineering and medicine, and began intensive practice in both fields, as well as more general research on biology. 15 years after obtaining his various doctorates at age 58, he was named Professor of Medicine, Biology and Advanced Explosives at the Ironforge University, a function which he still holds today. Following the creation of the Explorer's League, he soon joined up, his interests in biology and archeology allowing him to quickly ascend to the rank of Prospector. As such, he participated in the Initial Uldaman digsite, extracting precious data and pottery fragments from the depths. It is a relatively well-known fact also that, following the Second War and the departure of Goblins from the Horde, Berdrin increased his knowledge of some aspects of engineering and explosives by becoming a member of the Goblin engineering corporation known as the G.E.E.K.

Concerned with the advance of the Horde forces into Khaz Modan during the Second War, he signed up to serve in the Alliance's engineering labs, crafting explosives and firearms for sapper teams, and occasionally venturing on a few guerilla missions himself. During the Third War, Berdrin preferred to remain at home in Khaz Modan, preparing for a potential Scourge assault on the dwarven Empire, and continuing in his teaching charge. Through his experience in the Second War, and his participation in skirmishes between Horde and Alliance in recent years, he achieved the rank of Commander of Alliance forces, prior to his retirement from active duty.

In the years following the Third War, worked on and developped not only the Dorak 2000, the finest and only Healbot in existence, but also the Bob-line of YetiForm Surveillance Devices. Seeking to expand his scientific knowledge and aid the Alliance scientific community with his knowledge, he joined the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind shortly following its re-creation. Past experience in studying and fighting against Dragons in the Second War also earned him a place in the guild Dragonslayers, in which he remains to this day.

Criminal Record


Personal Notes

Berdrin is inquisitive, to the point of being described as "nosey". He is persistent and sometimes careless when it comes to investigating something that attracts his attention. Single-minded in pursuing his objectives, his scientific curiosity still allows him to perceive the many sides of one situation. He is a fierce friend and a dwarf of honour, though alcohol often has the unfortunate effect of making him speak more than he would otherwise.

Current Status

Working at all costs to save the love of his life. Following an escapade in Shadowforge City, his right eye has been damaged, and is currently patched and healing.

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