Alliancecrest small Berdrin Stormspanner
Title(s) Professor, Prospector, Commander
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Rifleman
Age 144
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Kingdom of Khaz Modan, the Alliance
Occupation Master Engineer, Prospector, Military Commander
Status Alive
Relative(s) Fae Leafrunner, Brannon Stormspanner

Name Edit

Professor Berdrin Stormspanner

Physical Traits Edit

Berdrin is a middle-aged dwarf with black hair and bright green eyes, most often covered up by whirring blue goggles. His skin is tanned, and sports numerous scars and recent burnmarks. His well-trimmed beard and moustache are frequently smeared with dust, blasting powder, and occasionally blood.

At his right hand is a bronze signet ring in the shape of a dragon. A badge on his Khaz Modan Air Force tabard or vest marks him as a Prospector of the Ironforge Explorer's League, right next to the fist-shaped insignia of an Alliance Commander. When in armour, a number of utility pouches hang from his belt, along with engineering tools and a few adamantite grenades.

Guild Edit

Khaz Modan Air Force


The Khaz Modan Air Force

Occupation Edit

  • Prospector of the Explorers' League.
  • Commander in the Alliance army.
  • Qualified Medical Doctor.
  • Former Professor of Medicine, Biology and Advanced Explosives at the Ironforge University (resigned).

Family Edit

One of the only remaining members of the Stormspanner clan. Brother to Berdrina Stormspanner, recently known to the rest of the world.

He is engaged to be married to Ms. Fae Leafrunner, and has been for a considerable amount of time.

Proud father of Brannon Stormspanner.

Background Edit

Early LifeEdit

Berdrin Stormspanner was born 144 years ago in Kharanos, Dun Morogh. After a happy childhood, he performed the standard Khaz Modan military service upon reaching adulthood, at age 40. He was stationed at the outpost of Dun Modr in the Wetlands, near the Thandol Span, where he demonstrated great investigative skills by unrooting a Dark Iron infiltrator and sympathizer cell. This earned him the nickname "The Hound of Dun Modr".

Following his military service, Berdrin began studies of engineering and medicine, along with intensive practice in both fields. Earning doctorates in these fields at age 58, he was named Professor of Medicine, Biology and Advanced Explosives at the Ironforge University at age 73.

The Second WarEdit

Years later, concerned with the advance of the Horde forces into Khaz Modan during the Second War, he signed up to serve in the Alliance's engineering labs, crafting explosives and firearms for sapper teams, and occasionally venturing on a few guerilla missions himself. Though initially Dwarven forces were pushed back as far as the gates of Ironforge, they were rejoined with the rest of the Alliance military following the successful counter-attack into the Wetlands. This marked the beginning for the end for the Horde, which was eventually pushed back to the Dark Portal.

After the end of the War and the departure of Goblins from the Horde, Berdrin acquired additional expertise in some fields of engineering and explosives in particular by eventually becoming a member of the Goblin engineering corporation known as the G.E.E.K.

He joined the Explorer's League of Ironforge soon after its creation, his interests in biology and archeology allowing him to quickly ascend to the rank of Prospector. As such, he participated in the Initial Uldaman digsite, extracting precious data and pottery fragments from the depths. Though the conclusions he came to regarding Dwarven evolution were not widely accepted by the rest of the League, he remained a leading expert on the Titan theory.

The Third WarEdit

During the Third War, Berdrin preferred to remain at home in Khaz Modan, preparing for a potential Scourge assault on the dwarven Kingdom, and continuing to teach. He further aided the war effort by crafting explosives and ammunition, part of which was stocked in the event of invasion, the other being sent to pockets of Alliance resistance.

After the WarEdit

Though the Third War had unofficially marked the end of hostilities between Alliance and Horde, tensions remained high between the two factions, and Berdrin remained wary, if not suspicious, of the Orcs who had, only a few years before, conquered his homeland. Through his experience in the Second War, and his participation in the skirmishes between Horde and Alliance that developed all over Azeroth in the years that followed, he achieved the rank of Commander of Alliance forces.

In addition to military activity, Berdrin pursued his scientific work and research. He developped not only the Dorak 2000, the finest and only Healbot in existence, but also the BOB-line of YetiForm Surveillance Devices. Seeking to expand his knowledge and aid the Alliance scientific community with his knowledge, he joined the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind following its re-creation. Past experience in studying and fighting against Dragons in the Second War also earned him a place in the guild Dragonslayers. Knowing that he could not fight the enemies of the Alliance on two fronts at once, Berdrin resigned his commission as Commander to devote himself fully to the expeditions of Dragonslayers.

During that time, it was announced that Berdrin had died, his body taken into quarantine after a viral outbreak in his laboratory. This was only a clerical mistake, the Professor having taken a rest in his Loch Modan-side home. It was rumoured, however, that this disappearance was somehow linked to the sudden appearance of Berdrina Stormspanner. The rumours also implied that these events may have involved the mysterious cult known as The Dark Embrace.


A few weeks later, Berdrin was contacted on the behalf of Forsaken crime-boss Esme Underwood by a young elven girl by the name of Fae. Besides the business relationship, he soon struck a deep friendship with the girl, and grew concerned about her status as little more than an indentured servant to the Undead, if not a slave. Soon enough, the friendship turned to mutual love. Not willing to let her remain under the control of the Forsaken witch, Berdrin attempted to strike a deal with Underwood to bargain for Fae's freedom, but the deal turned sour.

Fae and Berdrin were forced to search for Fae's voice, which had been stolen by her mistress to ensure her obedience. It was finally found in an ancient music box burried in Duskwood, close to Deadwind Pass. Opening music box returned Fae's voice, but also struck her with a mysterious wasting curse.

Over the next few days, Berdrin feverishly attempted to cure Fae's illness, but ordinary medical techniques and remedies were to no avail. In desperation, he finally had to resort to a magical solution, obtaining one of the necessary components for the spell at a very high cost. Nonetheless, the spell worked, and the elf he loved was now fully cured.

Though Fae was not yet fully rid of her fear for her former Forsaken mistress, Berdrin did his best to find her after she fled in fear of retaliation. Weeks later, Berdrin and Fae became engage, a union that would a few months later see the birth of Brannon Stormspanner.

Politics of StormwindEdit

Around the time of Fae's pregnancy, Berdrin joined the ranks of the Assembly of Stormwind, representing the Explorers' League of Ironforge, concerned as he was by the rise in power and authority of the Scarlet Missionary. Eventually, he declared himself as a candidate for the position of High Chancellor, and won the vote. The Chancery allowed him to effectively block any attempt by the Missionary to enforce their violent and bigoted agenda on the citizens of Stormwind.

He immediately set about his work, and was rarely seen in public without a pile of paperwork and a serious countenance. Following a number of attacks and threats made against Fae and himself, and what he perceived as the bias and inefficiency of the Assembly in solving the issues of the City, he left the governmental body at the end of his term, and returned to Ironforge.

Adventures with DragonslayersEdit

Alongside his other responsibilities, Berdrin remained an active participant in the expeditions of Dragonslayers to destinations across Azeroth to defeat various enemies of the Alliance and the world. He soon became an Overseer of the guild, and as a high ranking officer participated in the struggle against some of the most dangerous threats contained within Blackrock Mountain. For months, alongside Teliviel, leader of Dragonslayers, he worked towards the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, the defining moment of the War of the Shifting Sands. His active participation in the events led him to be recognised as an ally of the Brood of Nozdormu itself, whose signet ring he wears to this day.

Following the reopening of the Dark Portal, he joined Dragonslayers and the rest of the Alliance forces in their forays into the broken, new world of Draenor. There, Dragonslayers brought the fight to the various allies of Illidan the Betrayer. Berdrin disliked many aspects of life in Outland, chiefly the dampness and poor architecture of the city of Shattrath that became his home, soon after Fae arrived to Outland with their son. He did however find worthy allies and a fascinating new culture in the Consortium, with whom he worked in numerous profitable and enlightning ventures.

After the mysterious disappearance of Teliviel during a scouting trip of the Black Temple, Berdrin continued the fight for a while, though his heart was not in it. Soon after, he abandoned such pursuits to focus on spending more time with his family as well as his other interests.

The Khaz Modan Air ForceEdit

While Berdrin was still stationed in Outland, providing support for various factions and doing volunteer medical work in the Shattrath infirmary, an emissary from King Magni Bronzebeard delivered a summons to him. Travelling to Ironforge, he was given the task to form a new Air Force for Khaz Modan. This was in reaction to the recent emergence of widespread engineering schematics that provided the capacity for mechanical flight to the Horde.

Coming out of his retirement from the Armed Forces, Berdrin set about recruiting for the newly re-formed K.M.A.F. Despite months of active work, he mostly managed to recruit a very large base of skilled technicians, most gnomish. This was due to his very exacting standards with regards to the skills of the pilots he would hire.

Though never actually resigning his commission, and in the absence of further orders from the King or the Senate, Berdrin removed himself from public and active life. Fae, Brannon and himself travelled to his home on the shores of Loch Modan, where his main activities became fishing and tinkering in his laboratory. He continues to receive reports from around Azeroth through the network of informers put at the disposal of the K.M.A.F, however, and remains a very well-informed dwarf.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Berdrin is inquisitive in addition to being perceptive, and has a way of interjecting himself into situations that do not really concern him. He is persistent and sometimes careless when it comes to investigating something that attracts his attention. Single-minded in pursuing his objectives, his scientific curiosity nevertheless allows him to perceive more than one side to any situation. He is a fierce friend and a dwarf of honour, who believes in justice and the law above all things.

He has been known to have a slight drinking habit, though he has come to master it.

Current Status Edit

Living in Thelsamar, Loch Modan with his fiancée Fae and their son Brannon.

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