Bindibbah Gnaakzip Tabbleplugg

Physical TraitsEdit

Bald. Hasn’t shaved his moustache for years. As gnomes usually are, this chap is a short fellow. Wears used robes, when in capital sometimes dresses up a bit better.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome Warlock


Mercenary Alliance


In terms of officiality, unemployed. Used to work for Ironforge Library (archivist). Nowadays spends his time adventuring. Also an experienced tailor, able to use fel - and mooncloth in his creations.


Father – Gnaakzip Tabbleplugg (passed away thirty years ago) Mother – Jable Tabbleplugg (Passed away twenty years ago). He’s been also told to have a little brother by name Tinkkobub, but if so he hasn’t been seen in many years.


Bindibbah was born in Menethil, Wetlands, to a scholarly home. His father was a researcher and a scholar who worked for Stormwind. While father had to travel to distant lands, his mother Jable balanced things up with loving care at home. Bindibbah was very curious about his father’s work and while still living in the host of his family, he had a lot of time to read all the researchs and books he could find in Tabbleplugg’s massive home library. A particular book interested him very much, and he decided to build his future to search for beings known as demons. Time passed by, and his father stopped the researching (this stated “you cannot research something you do not understand”) by the age of seventy. Bindibbah had gathered a lot of information and he decided to give it a go – he left his home behind to study the world outside. He spent five years, and when he came back he heard from his mother that his father had been murdered by unsatisfied townsfolk. This left ageless scars to Bindibbah’s mind – he didn’t swear for vengeance, but for days and weeks he laid in his bed and dreamed about righteous world. Until they moved. Mother Jable decided to move out to Stormwind. They lived there for ten happy years, until his mother died of age. Bindibbah chose to leave Stormwind – the time after his parting is unknown – none knows what he did the years alone in the world.

He seems to live a normal life, although a warlock - or is there something else?

Family BackgroundEdit

Not much is known of Tabbleplugg family. The forefathers of Gnaakzip I are said to have fled from Gnomeregan when the first Trogg war began.

Criminal RecordEdit

Recorded clean by the city of Stormwind.

Personal NotesEdit

Curious but patient (sometimes). Does not feel himself aged yet.

Current StatusEdit

Works for Sardul El Akim in the Mercenary Alliance. Tours the world. Also been in ranks of Magna Carta.