The Blakely Association is a business group which mainly reside and operates in Stormwind City.

Focusing on gaining profit and power cause them to appear criminal.

Origin of the group Edit

Blakely Association is a rather new group, which formed when the former assassin Nicodemus Blakely, figured that he would have to change his lifestyle sometime, before he would become too old for his former career to function.

He rounded up a group of acquaintances and explained his idea to them about an association.

The Bottomless MugEdit

The tavern in the southern part of The Park in Stormwind City is currently run by the Blakely Association. They named it the Bottomless Mug after idea by Sigarde Keddler, the ginger dwarf that manages the tavern.

They usually open it at 9 PM most of the week.

It's a casual place with few rules. Nothing out of the ordinary, they serve warm and cold drinks and a meal once in a while.

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