Name Edit

Blare Ormsby

Physical Traits Edit

His skin is pale blue, his hair is purple and messy. He stands average height for a human, abliet a hunched one. His jaw is decayiny and his left arm is detachable

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Priest

Guild Edit

Minions of The Embrace

Occupation Edit

Self proclaimed "Supply Officer" of his guild, also a pretty resouceful cook aswell.


Damien Lee Ormsby Pike - Step Brother

Bodicia Clemence - Niece

Background Edit

Not much is known about Blare after he was exiled from Tarren Mill thanks to his step brother...

Family Background Edit

Criminal Record Edit

Charged with the death of his mother, Delilah Ormsby

Personal Notes Edit

Unending Hunger - Blare, recently becoming Forsaken has developed an immense appetite and as such, eats constantly and eats anything!

Partially rotted brain - Due to Blare decaying, his brain decayed with his body, however, that stopped when he became undead, however, this brain loss has left him a little crazy!

Current Status Edit

Alive...or is that dead?

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