Name[edit | edit source]

Blare Ormsby

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

His skin is pale blue, his hair is purple and messy. He stands average height for a human, abliet a hunched one. His jaw is decayiny and his left arm is detachable

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Forsaken Priest

Guild[edit | edit source]

Minions of The Embrace

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Self proclaimed "Supply Officer" of his guild, also a pretty resouceful cook aswell.

Family[edit | edit source]

Damien Lee Ormsby Pike - Step Brother

Bodicia Clemence - Niece

Background[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Blare after he was exiled from Tarren Mill thanks to his step brother...

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Charged with the death of his mother, Delilah Ormsby

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Unending Hunger - Blare, recently becoming Forsaken has developed an immense appetite and as such, eats constantly and eats anything!

Partially rotted brain - Due to Blare decaying, his brain decayed with his body, however, that stopped when he became undead, however, this brain loss has left him a little crazy!

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Alive...or is that dead?

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