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Arjo. Arjo. 10 October 2010

The Prophesy

The moon glows brightly in the sky. Mellitharn and his student walks together in the shadow of Ashenvale.

Druid apprentice: Master, what was it like in the past?

Mellitharn: It was beautiful, yes. It was the time of perfection in Azeroth.... time without war and chaos of any kind. In the borders of Suramar me and my friends would play under the pastures of red, green and blue grass. The good old times. Something that I will never forget.

Druid apprentice: I was told stories that a hole tore from the sky and just destroyed the world. Is this true?

Mellitharn: Not entirely, no. If you wish me to tell you everything I may do that.

Druid apprentice: Of course Master.

Mellitharn: Very well then. As you know, it took place 10,000 years ago. I was once…

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ZalitzX34 ZalitzX34 22 September 2010

Zalitz Silverline

Zalitz Silverline

Age: 24

Race: Human

Class: Arcane Mage In Character Class: Manipulator of elements


Hazel green eyes

Jet black mid length hair

Height 1m 80cm


Zalitz has a toned body covered in scars from his history of battles, some haven't healed and are still open, covered by arcane energy (Easily spotted by the glowing light). Zalitz displays which element he is manipulating when his eyes turn to the corresponding colour (Arcane/Purple, Fire/Orange, Frost/Blue, All Three Combined/White). He carries trinkets and scrolls to amplify and sustain the magical capabilities of himself and others. He is a professional tailor and enjoys creating comfortable clothing for his friends and other customers.

Zalitz is a kind and …

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Nathira Nathira 7 July 2010

Copy-Paste I

Today's topic is Midsummer Fire Festival! ^^
It brought some good, and it brought some bad...

Good? It was excellent levelling for your lower level characters and alts.

Poledancing? The more you danced the longer the buff, up to an hour...
→Ribbon Dance: +10% exp bonus from kills, not bad at all. ^^
While the Bonfire is burning in the zone... (you can light it if it isn't)
→ Bonfire's Blessing: 30% Chance to hit for [YourLevel x 10] Fire Damage... (Lvl 5-20ish, about half the health from the mobs you'd be killing!)
If you threw a Burning Blossom to the Bonfire... (if it was out, this would light it up again!)
→Fire Festival Fury: 3% Critical for spells AND melee, and dealing fire damage to attackers... ^^ (one hour)
If you were inside the capit…

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Lupita Lupita 7 April 2010

Coping with Cowards

Believing that one can be loved by everybody is, even for me, a dream that might never come true. Chances are that there will always be at least one person who does not like you.

Maybe because they feel like you are not playing by their rules. Maybe because they envy you for what you have, something they cannot even imagine ever achieving. Maybe, being unable to control you, they see you as a threat to everything they hold dear. But maybe, they just hate you for being able to love.

And who could resent them for lacking empathy and passion? In times of war, love can be something amiss, and I should be so lucky to have found it.

Neither did I chose when, why or who to love, nor am I interested in why this might be right or wrong.

Love does not k…

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Nathira Nathira 23 February 2010

Character Page Done 1/1, User Page Done 1/1

Whee, it's up! The profile page. ^^
(and the first edit to it is done too, after MY first ever ICC run!) :o
Didn't see that one coming! Thanks peeps!

Also spent some of my collected gems and socketed some of my T9 gear...
(I'm 3 emblems short of buying my first T10... So that's 2 days?) ^^

And you... yes you! You who are reading this. ^^
Did you ever get the message about the extension to the wiki I thought you should install? ^^
If possible... I never got a reply and that's why I'm asking. ^^
(by the name of ToggleDisplay...)
Read your msg, thanks! ^^ The extension might have other uses too, but... yeah. Like you said, all is well :P kinda...

Hmm, see... for reasons undisclosed here... I've cried so much today that I got a head ache... >.

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Nathira Nathira 19 February 2010

Character Page Done 1/1, User Page Done 0/1

It took me an immense effort make Nathira's page!!

I'm just glad it's done and over now! ^^

I really should blog to my LiveJournal more and less here, but I srsly doubt anyone at all is reading these things anyway...

But I can test that too, there's two or three threads on the forum that I plan to blog about...

Yes you know it! Right here, in this very blog. xD Maybe the next entry or the one after that... ^^

Keep watching this space, if... you're interested. >.>

But even if you are and watching too....

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Nathira Nathira 17 February 2010

Wall of text avoided...

Had to vent out some steam...
...but managed to do it elsewhere instead of here. ^^

(friend suggested I use livejournal...)

So wall of text avoided! \o/ I doubt anyone is reading this blog here anyway. :o
But if there is someone... and you want the LJ address... you have to ask me. ^^

Requested something neat from a friend today....
If the answer is ok you'll be seeing more of that soon! ^^

Oh and Enire left the realm too. :(
Because of "Bubble RP"? I said it was bad...
But am I ever listened to? ^^ No....

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Nathira Nathira 15 February 2010

Collapsing Tables

That's what I was looking for in the WIKIA-code to make something I wrote and is too loooooong to make it shorter by hiding parts of it that people could expand into view by clicking on them if they really want to see that... Doesn't seem to exist here in Steamwheedle Cartel Wikia >.

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Nathira Nathira 14 February 2010



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Nathira Nathira 13 February 2010

My First Blog Entry.

I'm just testing this blog-thing with this first post...

How does this work? :o

Where does this blog go, is this like MY blog or a wikia-blog for everyone? o.O

I don't know but let's be curious and find out! ^^

Let's test!

And if anyone ever reads this... Hi! ^^

Edit: Ok tested, now I know! ^^

It goes to my blog, good!

More entries to come!

I have A LOT to say!

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