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A story about Valkyros Demnevanni

Blood woven Betrayal

While working in his lab Rayre suddenly heard a sound behind him: "ahh Folkner, you brought me some more peasants?" "I am afraid not father", Rayre turned around, "Valkyros? what in the Regent's name are you doing here!" "That is not important father, more important is that i demand answers!" "answers you say?" Rayre smirks, "what answers do you seek son?" Do not play games with me father!I know what you do to those 'sick'Sin'dorei! using the people for your experiments is twisted, even using your concoctions on Sethian, your own son! why? cried the blood elf "I seek to cure our kin of their only weakness, our dependence on magic, if i have to sacrifice the weak, then so be it." "the...the....weak?? He was your oldest son! a Sin'dorei worthy of becoming a Blood Knight!" "Silence!" screamed Rayre "I failed on Sethian, but i will do better on young Reyre, he will be the perfect test subject!" Valkyros eyes burned with rage "Reyre?" Valkyros clenched his fist "a perfect test subject? you...." "You are just like your Mother Valkyros, you lack vision, our race deserves to be the best, and i will make them that, Reyre understands" "Reyre is far too young to decide such a thing!" Valkyros screamed in anger "You do not know how our kind has suffered Valkyros! Sacrifices have to be made" Rayre turns around to continue his work"now leave me be boy! i have important work to do!" Valkyros, filled with anger grabs his dagger and lunges at his father, stabbing him until his father grasps his final breath "no father...."he said calmly "your work ends here"

to be continued.......

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