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Basic InformationEdit

Bloodhoof Guardians are a moderately-enforced Role-Playing guild with a loose guild structure. Our original charter was to the defend the land from incursions by the Alliance.

We offer a resource for like-minded Horde to come together and share exploration and profession requirements. New members may be offered armor or other items crafted by guild members.

General InformationEdit

· No character or class restrictions.

· Your character must be level 10 to join.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are permitted providing they bring different CLASS or PROFESSIONS

· Repect to other guild members and good behaviour to other Horde when co-operating are required.


· A recent change in guild leadership has seen some changes to guild member activity.

· Guild meetings are managed using GroupCalendar UI MOD and members are EXPECTED to use it.

· Our recruitment method is by observation of new blood in battle against the creature and foes of the land.

· Promotion is by duration of membership and by grade and skill in craft and battle. Defenders form the majority of our ranks. Our officers, the Guards, are there to give advise, promote battle plans, and lead attacks into the singlular caves and castles that can be found across the land.

· Recently, a new guild - the Bloodtotem Pirates - has branched off this guild.


· As noted above, recruitment is by OBSERVATION of potential recruits. This is done primarily in the areas around the Horde Capital Cities.

· Applicants who with to join directly should send a message to Ktalard or any other guild member they see.

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