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The Fel Orc glared around at the surrounding forest, his glowing red eyes gleaming through the darkness of the night. He could see tiny animals skittering for cover, and great moths beating their giant wings between the trees. He and his troop were passing through here, escorting the Firewing Emissary back to her race's home in these woods, from the Fel Orcs' own stronghold in the Bonechewer Ruins. The corrupt orc didn't like this alliance. The blood elves always gave him the creeps, with their glowing green eyes and disturbingly talented powers over the arcane. The orc shivered suddenly. Something was wrong.

The dwarf lay in wait beside the road, covered in mud and leaves. He'd been there for three hours, in perfect silence, his rifle ready. His breathing was almost non-existant. He was waiting.

The four Fel Orcs and the blood elf came around the corner, set in formation around the elf, their axes drawn, but at ease. The elf strolled casually between them, feeling quite pleased with herself after persuading the orc leader to call in reinforcements from the Hellfire Citadel. The Horde and Alliance in the area were becoming a nuisance.

Suddenly, a deafening sound echoed through the forest. The Fel Orc behind the elf was splattered with gore, as a bullet tore through her skull like a melon. She slumped to the ground, dead. Then, without warning, a blood-curdling roar resounded like a death toll in the ears of the Fel Orcs, as in a flurry of movement, a blur of muscle and swinging axes burst from the undergrowth five yards from the orc troops. The dwarf was bare-chested with a fiery ginger beard and a blad head, and wearing a tattered pair of red pants. He was clad in mailed gauntlets and boots, and was wielding a pair of viscious-looking axes.

The orc who was splattered with elf brains stumbled back in terror as the wild dwarf charged his comrades, and tripped over a bump in the road. The furious dwarf charged the closest orc, who tried to slash downwards and cleave the burly maniac in two. The dwarf raised his twin axes quickly above his head, crossing them over. The hilt of the orc's axe connected with it's smaller counterparts. The dwarf, in a blur, continued to slice the orc's weapon in two, and surged forward, tearing through the orc's chest with brutal speed, a spray of blood covering the orcs' wild adversary, the beaten orc's ribs jutting out of it's flesh at odd angles as it fell away from the dwarf, lifeless, as the small but deadly dwarf let out a triumphant roar.

Without a moment's pause, the dwarf glanced visciously at the orc who had stumbled and fallen behind the elven corpse, and threw one of his twin axes at him with savage precision. The axe struck the orc on the collarbone, embedding itself next to the Fel Orc's muscular neck. Through a bloody haze, the wounded orc saw the dwarf grab his remaining axe with two hands, and charge the orc on his left, who raised his crude shield in a show of fearful desperation. The dwarf charged on, regardless, and jumped on top of the shield, pinning the orc beneath it to the ground. In a single movement, the dwarf tore open the orc's throat in a explosion of gore.

The third orc, who was opposite the dwarf across the blood elf's body, took the initiative, and charged the blood-covered dwarf fearlessly with a two headed battleaxe. The dwarf seemed to grin, as he crouched prone, flipping his axe upside down in his hand. The orc raised his axe with a deafening roar, mere yards from the dwarf, when the bearded warrior sprung off the bloodied corpse beneath him. The dwarf leapt up, digging the upturned axe into the orc's stomach and ripped a bloody hole up the orc's torso, accompanied by the sickening noise of tearing tendons and snapping bones. The dwarf dislodged the axe, and landed on the orc's shoulders, who, in response, fell to his knees, barely alive. The dwarf then leapt down in front of the dying Fel Orc, and let loose with a flurry of viscious and merciless attacks, turning the front side of the orc to a bloody pulp in a matter of seconds. The unrecognizable corpse slumped sideways with a dull thud.

The dwarf glanced over to the wounded Fel Orc who was dragging himself away, his second axe still embedded in it's shoulderblade, as it tried to make it's escape, making noises that sounded like choked sobbing. The bloody dwarf let out a single guffaw of delight, and sprinted towards the fleeing orc, who heard the hurried footsteps and cried out with terror. The dwarf leapt on the Fel Orc's back, let out a victorious howl as he raised both arms above his head, and embedded his remaining axe in the orc's skull, his brains spilling onto the worn forest road.

Umbert yanked his axe free of the orc's collar bone, his breath heaving, his body shaking with anticipation. The thirst for blood had not yet passed. The dwarf glanced around like a rabid dog, searching the forest around him for something to kill. A slap of leather boots on wet stone from behind him spun him around, as he glared at the source of the noise.

Three Broken, each carrying large sacks of assorted objects, stared back at him in fright. The foremost one had one foot in the blood leaking away from the dead orcs. Umbert grinned toothily, in a way so disturbing that it made the three Broken quake in their boots, as the insane dwarf advanced on them, axes ready for ever-more bloodshed.

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