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Blueleaff "Lilly" Moonsong

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Blueleaff is average height for a night elf female. One thing that is noticeable is she looks very young, younger than she actually is. The iris of her eye is silver with a very faint and thin gold outline. Her hair is long, very long reaching down to just around the top of her backside, coloured in a lavender like purple. When her hair is primmed back a large, horrific scar can be seen on the right side of her head. Similar scars can be seen on her left arm and right leg.

She it quite thin but not very well built, though she has a little bit of muscle. Her eyes glow quite dim, a little brighter at night. Blueleaff is usually seen with a warm, almost embracing smile on her face, and always looking calm and tranquil. Around her neck can be seen a pure silver necklace with a small pendant which she wears proudly. Along with a small wooden pendant of a Crow with Emerald eyes

Race and ClassEdit

Kaldorei, Druid

Traits and TalentsEdit

Pacifist-Blueleaff considers fighting a futile and pointless way to settle a disagreement. Though she considers it lawful to fight those that threaten to exterminate life. She will generally not strike, even when struck herself. Current events however have forced Blueleaf to be involved in more combat situations than she would prefer.

Traveling Doctor-Blueleaff prefers to travel around to help those that need her skills no matter their age, gender or race. Her druidic training aids her greatly, also her Knowledge of Herbs and Potions aids her in her Work.

Mental power-"Mind over muscle" Blueleaff has trained her mind and mental capability making her somewhat psychic. Though they only allow her to read others minds and to Heal to a great effect. But only if she is allowed to and is touching the person. Such powers have the risk that if she is jolted while using her powers she can be lost in a state of stasis that can last from a few minutes to centuries. Also the strain on her mind could cause her to black out

One with Nature- Due to her training in the druidic arts and the caring of nature, she is very much in tune with natures song.

Ex sentinel- Though she is a peaceful and kind woman, Blueleaff was once a Sentinel meaning that she understands basic tactics, though at the price of terrible memories.

Suffering physically and mentally- Due to one battle which almost led to her demise, she suffers from terrible flash backs which leave her utterly helpless in a uncontrollable crying fit. Also due to her grievous wound to her head, she takes a powerful pain killer from a black vial with a pearl white top.

Selfless- Blueleaff cares more for others rather for her own needs, being known to push others out of harms way and taking the hit herself. (such as the fight against Noualas mother)


By the Moonwell - Blue and Lau

Blueleaff and Laureen

Talos wildheart-10994 years-grandfather- Died at Hyjal

Fikila Moonsong-11256 years-grandmother- Dead due to fever

Donnus Talonstrike-9012 years-Dead due to the Orc invasion of Kalimdor

Glyllyna Moonsong-mother, head of Moonsong- 8900 years of age

Carlone Moonsong-cousin- 190 years of age- Murdered By Caylee

Spouse/soulmate- Laureen Brightrose, now Moonsong after a conflict with her father

Ward-Nouala Ravenwind

Children-Jessica Moonsong-adopted


Born in Ashenvale, her mother and father had a bitter argument when she was a barely a year old. Resulting in her father leaving. She was raised by her mother who she kept very close with, trying to learn to be a sentinel like her mother wished. But unfortunately she could not grasp fighting another of her kin, instead she decided to spend her time reading, mainly ways to help others. In one book, she learnt to give people massages.

She set up a massage room in her home (much to her mothers protest). One day, she was 20, while she went out for a walk around the lush forests of Ashenvale, a crow with no eyes flew to her. Staring at the crow she felt around in her leather back pack. She threw the crow some crumbs, at that instance the crow began to transform into a Elven male. She jumped back, looking at the elf. He introduced himself as Han'Di Silentflight, a Druid who went his independent way. For the next 4218 years Shan'do Silentflight taught her about Druidism.

In her training she explored the Winterspring, Darkshore, Felwood and Azshara provinces in which she met and cared for her dear friend Slyvina Wildrunner. Then when she was in her mid 4228`s Han'di left mysterously. Though she searched for many days along with Slyvina they could not find him.

So they traveled together until the legion Came to Azeroth when she was 4229. While they charged through Ashenvale, Blueleaff instantly went to her mother to make sure she was safe. After that she headed back to Ashenvale with Slyvina. Rescuing people such as a young Night elf girl named Delnadres Dawn who had been captured by vile satyrs.

After the Legions defeat at hyjal, Blueleaff tried to get back to her peaceful way of life, instead Slyvina got Blueleaff into a group of scouting sentinels under the command of sergeant Halcha. Along with 9 others, the group, including Blueleaff, were ordered to make quick skirmishes with the warsong clan in Ashenvale. One day the group were ordered to the Stonetalon Mountains to "skirmish" a group of harpies. Instead it was an encampment. Ambushed by far many their number Blueleaff was lucky to wake up from the experience, after which she decided to head to the Eastern Kingdoms to find one of her aunties

Much has changed in Blueleaff's life; meeting many people such as her beloved Laureen and aiding others such as in the unfortunate battle in Feralas against Noualas feral mother. She now spends most of her time meditating, studying and caring for Nouala whom she has taken as her ward and tending to the care of many other people she is has become close to.

Much of her time has also been spent in her free time aiding mrs Jennings, especially caring for Lohannes and Annika whom she, along with Nouala, helped deliver in her home in Ashenvale. One such occasion in her life, Ashana and Blueleaff fought outside the Withamhall Manor in Stormwind.The druidess` long training proved useful against the corrupted arts used by Ashana, but was forced into surrender when Laureen was made into an ultimatum against her.

Ashana urged Blueleaff to collect the Black Book from Lashela to which Blueleaff agreed, but without the intention of collecting it,. Rather she sought information about the book and why Ashana would wish to claim it.

This in turn caused Ashana to kidnap Laureen to lure Blueleaff into a trap which worked successfully. A short burst of recklessness made her encounter Ashana and her minions. Outnumbered, outmaneuvered and outgunned, Blueleaff found herself defeated quickly. After several attempts by Ashana her soul was agonizingly ripped from her body along with Laureens, causing her to go into a coma like state.

Whilst Laureens soul was quickly recovered, Ashana was more reluctant allow Blueleaffs soul to taken back. Time passed and no sign of Ashana could be found until she was tracked down to Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor, otherwise known as Outland. Being outnumbered by Redemptio Coronae, members of the early, reformed Moonguard and the Severketian army, Ashana took to the heights of the hand of Gul'dan. A large volcano in the area which made it impossible for most of the recovery force to reach Ashana. In the midst of the fighting with the few of the members that could reach the top, Louise of Tristifal, retrieved the shard that kept Blueleaff's soul inside. Though she died when finding the Redemptio Coronae and Severketian coalition forces, due to a mortal wound .

Once battle had been done Blueleaff's soul was returned.

Blueleaff has now reached to the age of 4235.


Pacifism- These ideals came from various religious ideas, especially Buddhism which plays a big part in the way Blueleaff thinks and reacts to situations. Also Jesus Christ also was an inspiration for pacifism with his "turn the other cheek" philosophy and practising forgiveness.

Wisdom and tea-These atrributes can all be linked to several different people (Zen buddhists for wisdom) but that character that displays both would be Iroh from the cartoon series of "the Avatar, legends of Aang/the last air bender". Iroh is an ex heir to the throne of the Fire Nation and often referred to as the best general in the Fire Nation. He is a calm, patient and wise old man, often giving his wisdom and advice to many characters in the series (especially his nephew Zuko) and is a fond lover of tea (as those who know Blueleaff would know she is too). Also he himself get exiled from the Fire Nation when his nephew is banished, treating Zuko like his own son, much like the relationship between Blueleaff and Nouala.

Selflessness and Bettering others- Again Buddhist teachings turn Buddhists away from ones personal desires such as Selfishness and Lust, towards the aim to aid others and the world. Another inspiration for selflessness and bettering other is the "Greater Good" of the Tau Empire in Warhammer 40'000. The Tau philosophy is to achieve the Greater Good, an ideal that a person uses his or hers abilities and talents to better everyone within the Tau Empire and to educate people of the Greater Good so that the whole galaxy may live in peace and prosperity.

Psychic gifts and troubled mind- These are inspired by the character River Tam from the Firefly series and the Serenity film. River is a psychic girl whom in the series gets tested on by government officials and causes her to have "episodes" which can differ from crying fits and screaming loudly to acting violently. Her psychic gifts allow her to look into others minds much like Blueleaffs abilities.

Use of energy-These are based on the teachings of Tai Chi and Acupuncture. Tai chi being the art where one focuses and diverts energy using certain movements, allowing energy to flow around and within you. On the rare occasions where Blueleaff has had no option but to fight, her movements are very Tai Chi like, slow but capable of diverting and focusing energy,. Aso these movements are used by her as a form of Druid practise.

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