Name Edit

Boggywoz Litfuse

Physical traits Edit

Boggywoz is a rather ugly and old gnome. He is extremely slim and a bit pale. The hair that seems to disappear slowly from the top of his head grows in other places instead: his back and wide mustache. Apart from that he usually looks like he's in a grumpy and foul mood, making his face and folds be stuck on a rather angry expression.

Race and class Edit

Gnome classless, former mage.

Family and Occupation Edit

Writer and owner of The Stormwind Crier

Jeelow Litfuse - mother (died in Gnomeregan)

Ninsy Litfuse - father (died in Gnomeregan)

Nirofen Litfuse - brother (alive in an unknown location)

House Litfuse Edit

Not one of the richest families but certainly one of the oldest, house Litfuse is the origin of many skilled gnomes. Most of them, blessed with a kin eye for details, had learned arts of great accuracy and perfection. The Litfuses are divided into two classes: Sparks and Flames.

The Sparks, which are about 60% of house Litfuse, are those that deal with accurate crafts, such as jewelcrafting and mathematics (geomatry in particular). There are also engeneers amongst the Sparks but they are somewhat rare.

The Flames on the other hand, deal with the most accurate art: arcane. House Litfuse is well known for their spellcasters and their particular style. They don't cast spells from their inner power or 'soul' but rather from their mind alone. They all treat arcane as a formation of delicate formulas and shapes, making the Litfuses natural when it comes to rune magic.

Background Edit

Boggywoz was born in Gnomeregan 130 years before the start of the first war and lived there with his family. After learning the basics of magic and runes in Gnomeregan's school of the arcane he went to learn more about the art at Stormwind's academy (age 70). Boggywoz lived and studied in Stormwind with his younger brother Nirofen for 20 years until one day he was wrongfully accused and exiled to The Black Morass with his brother for the use of fel and dark magic. While surviving in the swamp was difficult the use of magic allowed the brothers to stay alive for 40 years until a tribe of dreanai refugees (that became lost ones) allowed them to join. While in the tribe Boggywoz learned about the orc warlocks and the dark arts the lost ones have begun to adopt themselves. Tempted by the potential of avenging those who accused him with the same magic they blamed him for using Boggywoz started to practice these arts. 5 years later a rogue orc arrived at the tribe and was surprisingly welcomed by the dreanai, she asked the villagers for advice on how to get into Karazhan without being noticed. Boggywoz heard before on the tower of the great Medivh and was fascinated by Garona's motives so he decided to follow her when she left for Deadwind pass, leaving his brother behind.

<The following 25 years of Boggywoz's memory is blurry and foggy, there are some scraps of memory but it's generally blank>

25 years later Boggywoz returned to Stormwind after it was rebuilt. As one who lived for 160 years he is an elder and therefor demands the proper respect. Using his savings he bought a nice house in the Dwarven District and decided to put use to his vast knowledge and experience by becoming the first (apart from Bellona)writer of The Alliance Times. Due to internal affairs the paper has collapsed and Boggywoz took matters to his own hands, establishing The Stormwind Crier, the paper exists to this day. Since then he heard his family deceased in Gnomeregan apart from his brother that lives in an unknown location.

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