Name Edit

Lord Malis Borgenheim

Physical Traits Edit

Slim, in shape and tall man. Bears the marks of an assassin from the southern lands. Sometimes wears a hood in his face. Once muscular, now only bone and ripped flesh is visible but he doesn’t seem to care about it. As a living man, in his early 40's, now considered far older - the lust for vengeance in him makes him strong.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken rogue.

Guild Edit

Disciples of Chaos

Occupation Edit

Professional herbalist and animal skinner. Used to study the laws of nature and theories of “evolution” but left his occupation soon after his order failed.


Not much is known of his family – only close relative known as Tkális, who was his martial arts mentor a long time ago.

Background Edit

Expertise in martial arts; once a name everyone feared, he was called “the Serrated Blade” in his youth because of the special fighting technique he used. Malis worked as a spy for a shadow order called “Wings of Darkness”, of which all knowledge is now lost. It is also rumoured that Borgenheim led the order for a couple of years after Tkális, his former martial arts mentor, had died. His mentor, Tkális the All-seeing, taught him a very special technique to use swords, but Malis has lost the real skill – he is on his way to recover this skill along with his revenge (the technique called “the serration” is the only way to commit suicide for a member of Wings of Darkness.) Also see the story Darkness surrounding me for info about his years as Menethil landlord and his death.

Family Background Edit

Declared dead for decades ago. Malis’ father was the landlord of Wetlands region.

Criminal Record Edit

Has committed series of robberies, murders and betrayals but none has catched him on duty, so is not accused.

Personal Notes Edit

Also known as the “Seeker of the path” or “the Serrated blade”.

Current Status Edit

Can sometimes be seen in Undercity, mostly completing mercenary duties – lives in Orgrimmar.

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