During the Horde's visit to the 'Oracle' in the peak, Hrisskar and Gornak passed through the Canyon and marvelled at the connection with the Spirits that the land held. After Gornak's death, Hrisskar led his followers to Bouldercrag Canyon and ordered the construction of a stronghold and village, the home of the Clan.

Hidden slightly north of the ravine in which Hrisskar spent time alone consulting the Spirits, lies the hidden entrance to Bouldercrag, closesly guarded by Earthfury Battleguard. Following a winding trail leads to a great and beautiful clearing where the village of the Clan is built. The top of the canyon gives a vast view of the road from Desolace to the Barrens, which is how the Clan first spotted the Centaur invasion that threatened the Horde.


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