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5 Years Ago, Dalaran Edit

The air was thick with the smell of blood, the once rising towers of Dalaran lying scattered on the ground. Ormsby's body lay motionless amongst the wreckage as his comrades in arms, scattered into lone groups trying in vain to fight off the Scourge monstrosities. Kel'Thuzad along with a few acolyltes seemed to be casting some ritual around Ormsby, his fingers began twitching and his eyes flickered back to life as he rose from the rubble, Kel'Thuzad seemed to almost snigger as Ormsby turned to him, he body still covered in scars and burns from the preceeding battle.

"W...what is the meaning of this!". Ormsby looked at the acolytes around him, Kel'thuzad then pushed them all aside as he floated towards Ormsby.

"I have an offer for you Damien, I need to plan for the future of The Scourge and you shall be part of it if you do these tasks for me. Do as I command and I shall grant you eternal life!". Kel'Thuzad took a small scroll from one of the acolytes and handed it to Ormsby.

Ormsby quickly read over the scroll to himself as he now sat on a rock nearby, his Kirin Tor robe still blood splattered.

"Why do you need me for this, why not one of the other mages, why am I so special!" Ormsby was already charging a Shadow Bolt in his free hand as he stared Kel'Thuzad with murderous intent.

The acolytes then began chanting a spell, Ormsby felt the life being drained from him as he fell onto one knee, the bolt in his hand now fading. He stared at Kel'Thuzad once more.

"There are a number of reason why I picked you over the others here, unlike them, you embrace the shadow and already have more power than me in my prime when I was still alive." Kel'Thuzad was now clearly getting impatient. Ormsby however was now looking at his free hand once more...

"Very well, I shall do as you ask, when shall I be allowed to leave here then?"

"Now!" Kel'Thuzad summoned a horse from the dead as he did with Ormsby, an abomination then lifted Ormsby onto the horse as he blacked out. Meanwhile one of the acolytes had changed into a Kirin Tor robe and mounted the horse also, grabbing the riens.

The acolyte nodded at Kel'Thuzad, then he rode off towards Southshore.

Present Day, Southshore Inn Edit

Ormsby awoke suddenly from his sleep, the innkeeper barging into his room and handing him a package. Ormsby felt a familiar aura from the package as he opened it. It was a blade, glowing blood red, Ormsby knew what this meant as his face went pale.

"And so it begins, the plans shall be set into motion, The Cult of The Damned shall make its presence known yet again..."

Ormsby sighed as looked out his window over to Mistress Alania's house. He then fell asleep yet again, leaving the blade under the pillow...

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