Miss Brecca Starling

Aka. "Brec"


19 years (ish)

Birthday: April 15th

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior. Trained with swords, axes, maces, two-handed axes, hand to hand combat (( Protection specced ))


Brecca does not belong to a Guild.


Brecca is an alchemist based in Stormwind City.

Her business is called 'Lotions and Potions' and she works out of the 'Fragrant Flowers' shop on the canals.


Brecca comes from a band of Nomadic people, who moved around Azeroth trading goods and sharing stories.

Her parents were Todd Starling and Annie Starling. Her grand father (Todd's Dad) also travelled with them. He was called Joe, and Brecca was very close to him.

Family Descriptions

Todd: A tall man, well built, with roughly cut blonde hair, strong hands and brown eyes. His skin was tanned from being outside almost everyday.

Annie: She was smaller than Todd, and had long, bushy ginger hair. Her face was dotted with small freckles and she also had brown eyes. Unlike Todd, she had soft hands.

Grand'pa Joe: Joe was an elderly man. He had a few teeth missing, white, wiry hair and a gnarled walking stick that never left his hand.

Background and Family BackgroundEdit

(( Coming soon ))

Criminal RecordEdit




She is a remarkably naive person.

She tends to talk very quickly, makes jokes that really aren't funny and insults people without meaning to.

When she realizes she has done something wrong she blushes and gabbles an apology, which normally makes things worse.

She's very eager to please and if you look past the bumbling and disorganized exterior you'll find that she really is very lovely.

(( Note: she is NOT a warrior and does not fight anyone or anything so don't even bother trying. ))

Physical TraitsEdit

Large silver hoops in both ears.

Small nose.

Long, unbrushed brown hair.

Fairly tall but smaller than most men.

She's thin but hides it with large clothes.

Huge eyes that sometimes make her look like an insect.

She bites her nails.

She ALWAYS has her horse where ever she goes. He is normally referred to as "fatty" or "bloody pain in the rear".

RP StoryEdit

Brecca- Intimacy

This is about her first real encounter with the opposite sex.

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