Vindicator Breizh the Unholy

Of the house of Auros

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Breizh as a Death knight standing in the Aldor section of strattath city


Breizh is a large well built dreanei who normally carries a large two handed sword and wears reddish golden Vindicator armor a Forest protectors Tabard


Breizh was born on Argus around 40,000 years ago. He began to show an interest in combat and how to perfect your mind while his brother Breize was interested in the magical arts. Then 19,000 years later Sargeras came to Argus and to the Three leaders offering them power and knowlege for the entire race. Velen found what the burning legion were doing. He told many of the Dreanei to make to Oshu'gun including the Auros family, the family were divided between power and loyalty and were unsure what path to take Breize and Breizh were worried about Velen's and heeded his warnings and made their way to Oshu'gun a few of the family followed, and were lucky to get there in time. The rest of the family were angry about the betrayal and swore revenge against their own blood. On Oshu'gun they witnessed he entrance of two new members to their family first Dezam Auros their cousin, then a younger brother Tildor Auros both brought much joy to the family. Thousands of years of fleeing from the legion jumping from planet to planet, the legion never stopped trying to find the Draenei they arrived at the planet known today as Outland the dreanei named this planet Draenor meaning "Exiles refuge" Breize, Breizh, Tildor and Dezam stepped out onto this brave new world. In Nagrand and began to settle down as the Draenei had became very good at hiding themselves from the legion now. Breizh was made a Vindicator by a Trainer known as Baatun. By now Breizh and the other Draenei had noticed the presence of another species: Orcs. The two races engaged in trade Breizh even had to go to protect a trader as they went through the Warsong Clan territory there were some raids on traders and so they needed protecting. Weekly pilgrimages were made to the Temple of Karabor (Now known as the Black Temple) by Dezam now a Anchorite and Breizh. However eventually the Draenei people were found by Kil'jaeden and the legion. He waited and watched the Orcs and then corrupted them using fel magics and turned them against them. Many of the Auros family were wiped out, save for Breize, Breizh, Tildor, Dezam and their Uncle. they participated in the battle for Strattath until it fell. They then escaped and went into hiding hoping that the legion would think they had been wiped out. Eventually Kael'thas Sunstrider raided Tempest keep and the Prophet Velen made his move making a daring move to try to take control of one of the wings of Tempest Keep: The Exodar. The battle was so fierce and so close that the Blood elves were able to board the ship as it was about to leave Draenor Breizh killed many Blood elves whist protecting many of the unarmed Draenei civilians from harm. Eventually the Exodar departed from Draenor however the battle was still raging inside of the dimensional ship. Breizh was seperated from the rest of his family by a blood elven charge eventually the sabotaged systems of the Exodar began to fail and Breizh toppled while in combat with two blood elves straight into a cryogenic core that fell down to Azeroth along with another Draenei male called Galaen the blood elves trapped inside fought against the two draenei. Breizh killed one of the Blood elves and then the core crashed both the Blood elf and Breizh were knocked out. Eventually Breizh woke up. In a cage in a Blood elven camp. He saw Galaens dead body being searched for valuables. Then the Blood elves took off planning to betray Kael'thas and bring home a possible answer for their addiction. The Light. The Sea Voyage was long and stormy they eventually crashed upon the coast in the Western plaguelands miles from where they were supposed to be. So the Blood Elves set off on foot trying to reach Eversong woods. They would never arrive, Scourge attacks, lack of food, and the lack of magic was wearing the blood elves down eventually they were attacked by a medium size scourge party. It looked like the Elves were going to win however a Lich had been watching the Elves and their Draenei prisoner and joined the fray during the battle Breizh siezed his chance and broke free from his cage with no weapon and only the diminshed power of the light he battled and slain by the lich. Then this Lich took him to Archeus: The Ebon hold where he awoke undead and under control by the Lich king. After helping to destroy New Avalon with the rest of the Death Knights he then went and fought at Lights Hope. Until being broken free by the aid of Tirion Fordring with the Ashbringer. He then realised what he had become and how the light had forsaken him. After completing his mission to clear out the Ebon Hold of all of the Lich kings minions. He travelled to the Exodar using a hood so no one could identify him out of shame. He eventualy came to the Naaru O'ros and prayed for forgivness. The Naaru said that there was no need to pray for forgiveness as the Naaru would never give up on its Champions. Breizh then thanked the Naaru and traveled to the shattered world of Outland and he has been fighting the legion until he belives he will eventually be "Worthy" to come back to Stormwind


Breizh has a large Naaru blessed mace that was crafted on Draenor and blessed by the Naaru he named it Thulena after his fist love, he lost it when he was captured by the blood elves and may still be around somewhere. He now carries a sword, though he hasnt named it yet.


Breizh is Vindicator turned Death Knight he still cares much about the Naaru and the light however realises that he is a Death Knight and has to make do with the situation the Light has chosen for him


What have i become? The light, The Naaru, The Draenei, All forsaken me i am now the very thing the defenders of this world were fighting against.

Easy little one we do not have much time now hurry! Onto the dimensional platform you do your job and i will do mine!

They killed them... Every last one of them. Butchered.

Make do with what the light has given to you

Current StatusEdit

Fighting in Outland with the thoughts about returning to Society

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