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Crickets chirped and a cold wind blew through a slum of Silvermoon city a lone mana crystal,the last in use of the area stood tall against the moon. Two passing sivermoon guards ducked under the Crystal for Shelter from the cold breeze. "Do you have a light?" asked one guard his companion shook his head "no sorry used my last match back there" he said waving his hand in the direction they came.The first guard looked around as the cold wind Changed direction blowing flags and liter the other way "i hate Sunwell dammed nights like this" said the first elf "Always the feeling of something bad". "Relax its just nerves,Come on round this block and ill buy you a drink at the tavern". Turning round both Guards began to wander back to walk of the elders when the Crystal shook. "is it ment to do that?" asked the first guard "No.....",the crystal sook agint this time cracking a little. "Too weird lets get out of here!" the first guard turned but the second held him back "Stay we might get a mana boost if this thing breacks". The Crystal broke open Reveling a black shadow cluod in the center. "i saw something move" said the first "Relax just exess mana come on ill share it with you" The second guard steped forward. on the second step a ball of the same shadow shot from the clouds center from a vauge humanoid shape punching through the second guard like paper and lighting the first's cigerrte as it passed.

A naked elf male steped through the cloud and said to the first guard "Your armour....Take it off". "No Way You Burning legion Basterd!" the first guard Threw his Sword like a frisbee at the figure witch caught it with no trouble. The elf man looked at the blade and said "good make" before throwing it back at the guard loping off his head. "Hmmm messy" The Elf male began to pull on the first guards armour and clothes before walking over to the second guards Wheezing form. the elf male now wearing bloodsplatterd armour leaned over and looked the dying elf in the eyes "Goodbye who ever you are we wont meet again" and with that Crushed the wheezing guards head like a melon beneath his boot.

Some where in Murder row Syvarris woke with a start in the gutter. "Oh my head....Never drinking alcohol again" Syvarris thought through the fuzzy mess of his mind how many driks was it? one hundered? 10?, a slow thought arrived and haved in his mind procaiming that he'd only had one. "one?" syvarris said to himself "lightweight me thats for sure" Scrabblingg upwards Sy began to remember he was off duty form his post. Syvarris wanderd back too the darkstorm hall wondering if there was a bed in the barracks with his name on it.

The male elf watched Syvarris Staggering through the streets and looked thoughtfull, was this who it was after?

Syvarris took a wrong turn and ended up in the bazzar where he staggerd drunkenly down to sit. " my own city" he grined and hicuped He watched and arcane guardian tromp by its recored mana voice proclaiming the laws of silvermoon to anyone out on this night. syvarris watched with inrest as it stoped and fell to pices as a figure walked past it. "Who the.....Who th..." Syvarris shok his head to dislodge the drink fulled talk "Who the hell are you?" The figure stoped and looked at Syvarris and hauled him up by the front of his shirt lifting him six inches off the ground. "Qwodan" said the figure Throwing Syvarris against the wall knocking Syvarris right through it. Looking up Syvarris Saw the Figure walk forward as he tried to fight uncocusness and the desire to scream in pain about his back. "The time has come Brother to end the Rivalry" Dark purple sparks flew from his finges at Syvarris Before stopping as six silvermoon guardians ran towards the Elf. The last Syvarris Saw or heard that night was the Elf male running away and another voice saying "We've got a live one here SUNWELL! look at his back He went through the wall!"

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