Full Name Edit

Buri Marvin Grimwold; In life, took on a number of aliases in order to hide, trick, and / or confuse people. These included Prophet, Patsy, Earl Manhammer, Captain Eitri Flareaxe, Colonel Angst Ironboot and Lord Bigglesworth IV.

Physical Traits Edit

Buri was a stumpy and quite tubby dwarf with a large nose, a filthy black beard and two flickering eyes. Scars, recently and not so recently acquired, run across his face, making it somewhat of an ordeal looking at him for too long.

Buri looked (and was) fairly weak, compared to other dwarves.

Guild Edit

Buri was a Mountaineer First (third lowest rank, just below Captains, but above Mountaineer Seconds and Recruits) of the Mountaineers Third Brigade.

Occupation Edit

Buri was an amateur engineer, somewhat skilled in finding and mining ores.

Criminal Record Edit

Buri had throughout his days committed a great number of horrible crimes; fortunately, only a few were ever heard of.

  • Fined by the Stormwind City Guard for loitering, trespassing, embezzling, bribing, calling the commander of the State a “pirate” and for releasing baby crocolisks into the canals.
  • Fined by the Ironforge City Guard for begging, sexual harassment, stealing the Thief Catcher’s nets, bribing and trespassing.
  • Allowed two members of the Malvalon Gang to escape from Mountaineer custody.
  • Allowed and helped a warlock escape from Mountaineer custody.
  • Infiltrated and spied on a meeting between high-ranking members of the State of Stormwind in the service of an unknown individual.
  • Impersonated famous bar owner Bruuk Barleybeard in order to get free booze.
  • Shot and injured an officer of the State of Stormwind while intoxicated.
  • Refused to apologize to said officer while intoxicated.
  • Refused to apologize to said officer while perfectly sober.
  • Attempted to trick a draenei official into assassinating Captain Eitri Flareaxe.
  • Went straight to the Stormwind auction house after a dangerous expedition into the plaguelands – without washing his hands.

Current Status Edit

Buri is at the moment completely dead, as he was run over by a tonk.

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