Hordecrest small.gif Carmen Ophelia Mayverdine
Image of Carmen Ophelia Mayverdine
Title(s) Deathstalker
Race Forsaken, human
Class Rogue
Age 21
Alignment Neutral evil
Affiliation Shadows of Lordaeron
Occupation The odd errand

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Standing at six foot six inches, Carmen is mostly skeletal with the odd chunk of darkhound-bitten flesh clinging to her corpse. What does remain of her skin is dark green in colouration and of poor quality, looking charred, bug-bitten and eroded. Her hair is short, choppy and matted, as if it just wasn't cut right.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Carmen is strict and serious to the point of not seeing the point in goofing around, being highly work-orientated. Things she deems 'frivolties' such as appearance, mucking around and forging personal relationships are deemed a waste of time, though sometimes she slips back on her standards when no one is looking. She misses things from her former life and retains the odd spark of emotion, though would stubbornly deny it if asked. She's been known to do the odd errand to kill time rather then sitting around waiting for her next instruction.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Shadows of Lordaeron.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Does the odd errand for money and to kill time.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mary Mayverdine (Mother, deceased), Ronald Mayverdine (Father, alive), likely has more distant relatives in different areas.

Background[edit | edit source]

Life[edit | edit source]

Carmen was fairly spoilt and rich growing up, but also tasked with the burden of being expected to marry some rich stranger when she was old enough. She didn't confront her parents and try to reason with them about this due to fear and feeling they would ultimately brush off her protests. She received homeschooling and was shy around others her age growing up, hardly making friends or finding the opportunity to do such. In her free time she would busy herself with reading, trying to tan hides, other hobbies and whining.

In her last three years as a living woman, she stumbled into and gradually befriended a half elf named Michael Crowley. When the relationship took a soppier turn she kept this hidden from her parents until the day she died.

Death[edit | edit source]

Ignoring her parent's demands to flee when the ravenous undead were showing up, she ran to get her black mare Sparkle and rode off through Silverpine in an attempt to go and rescue her half-elf boyfriend. She and the mare lasted twenty minutes before a gang of ghouls overpowered them and savaged them to death. She considers it her most foolish moment.

Undeath[edit | edit source]

She awoke sometime later to find herself in a crypt with no idea what the hell was going on. Upon leaving she was horrified to find she was still in Silverpine, there was more undeads lurking around - and she was one of them. She remained distant from everyone else and in a state of shock for quite some time, until the day she picked up a worn dagger and offered to cull back some of the mindless ones. She seemed to throw herself into this, keeping at it and doing the odd job that involved stabbing things until she was confident to enlist in the Deathstalkers. Overtime she was skilled enough to the point of venturing into Northrend.

Around the time of the Wrathgate event, she was set with the task of slaying one of the Apothecaries that had sided with Putress. Her target turned out to have a twin however, and her loyalty was called heavily into question before it was decided she would be heavily demoted rather than killed off.

Death (Again)[edit | edit source]

On the 21st of August at round-about 3 in the morning, Mayverdine's body was found lying on a hill south-east of Brill's forge. A lot of her flesh was missing, including her torn-off face lying less then a foot away. The majority of her clothing was ripped from her along with the ripping of her flesh. She mostly looked like a skeleton with some chunks clinging futilely onto her bones. Embedded into her neck and spinal cord was a dagger with a black handle and steel blade. If one looked closely enough they could see vaguely canine teeth marks on the remaining flesh. Strangely enough, a dagger of matching design resided in her limp open hand.

After some investigation putting down her murder to the work of Scarlets, her body was placed in an open grave in Brill's graveyard, perhaps to be used someday. Sometimes the air around her grave seems somewhat cold and still, even for Tirisfal, and some sightings of a tall ethereal human shape have apparently been sighted there, if only for a second.

Undeath (Again)[edit | edit source]

Though her professionalism and handle of her emotions deteriorated towards her death, they considered it worth a shot to try raising her back to being a Forsaken. Strangely enough, she went right back to working tirelessly for the Forsaken as if her breakdown never happened and is trying to take up the path of a huntress.

Though she has worsened in her own way, she keeps this largely to herself.

Death (AGAIN)[edit | edit source]

A confrontation involving an injured Morgus Crowley and his blight-spraying device backfired quite badly on her. A passing necromancer in Silverpine recognised what was left of her as belonging to that Deathstalker bugger who tried to track him down, and imprisoned her spirit within a magical device similar to a haunted memento.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

The Mayverdines largely consisted of black human nobles and are more or less wiped out to people's knowledge, except for Carmen's father.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Blankety blank.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Has a severe phobia of turkeys due to being attacked by one as a child after trying to pet it. This irrational fear persists even in undeath.

Pets[edit | edit source]


The first thing Carmen has tamed, an angry pink male darkhound with slightly bulging crossed eyes stuck in a furious expression. He reacts badly to most forms of stimuli, but acts stoic providing nothing vaguely interesting happens.


Her black mare from life that she found again in her first undeath, Sparkles bore a perpetually pissed-off temperment in undeath and would nip at anyone trying to ride her apart from Carmen. After being given to a Forsaken man prior to her second death she has not been found, much to Carmen's dissapointment.

She looked more like a zombie horse then a skeletal horse, with the white blaze running up her head visible along with putrid grey eyes that looked quite dead.


Carmen's replacement horse that appears to of been a discount. Asides from having no scraps of flesh left, he can be differentiated from other Forsaken horses by having pieces of brownish bone chip or drop off every now and then and has a disposition similar to Dumass.


The massive overweight mastiff was stolen from its homelands by Carmen and sufficiently had its resistance to her worn down by imprisoning him and controlling his basic needs. The dog will tolerate being near her, but with his tail between his legs. Tends to largely shun meat and needs it stealthily applied to his food for the sake of nutrition.

Sometimes turns from dark grey to reddish brown. Probably dye involved.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Deader than Elvis.

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