Alliancecrest small Caliyen Starbreeze
Title(s) Sentinel Outrunner and Ranger of the Way of Malorne
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Warrior
Age 204 years
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Way of Malorne
Occupation Fighter
Status Dead
Relative(s) Immediate family reside in Auberdine, Darkshore.


Caliyen Starbreeze

Physical TraitsEdit

Caliyen is very tall, her solid form and lack of obvious curves make this height neither intimidating nor particularly appealing. While not overtly clumsy, she seems to be lacking in some of the grace found naturally in most Kaldorei. Her hair is cut short and her face is fairly plain, besides a few marks of battle.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Warrior


Way of Malorne


Lawful Neutral


Outrunner in the Sentinel Army.

Current statusEdit



Many of the female members of the Starbreeze family are sentinels and all are noted for their unusual (although not exceptional) strength and height, Caliyen herself trained as a sentinel but left the forests in order to travel Azeroth. The family name is an old and respected one in Darkshore, contributing both defenders and craftsmen to the running of Auberdine.

Delina Starbreeze is mother to Caliyen and her two sisters. Not originally a Starbreeze, she made a name for herself as a sentinel huntress before losing an arm in a freak fall. With this injury, she jokes that she lost enough ferocity that Belir Starbreeze was able to approach her without trembling and the two have remained mates for many centuries.

Belir Starbreeze is widely known as an eccentric. He spends much time alone in the forest, usually thinking about or working feverishly on some new project or other. Fortunately, centuries of tinkering have left him with considerable practical skills and these are put to use in maintaining his household and the rest of Auberdine. While shunning the violence of the sentinel trades of his daughters, he took it upon himself to teach them (and any other young kaldorei in earshot) the basics of a whole variety of disciplines from alchemy to carpentry to physiology.

Serane and Elissa Starbreeze are Caliyen's sisters, both several centuries her elder and respected sentinels in their own right. While Elissa remained close to home and serves as a guard of Auberdine, Serane ranged further abroad and fought in the third war, including at Mount Hyjal.

Starbreeze (Family)


Raised in Auberdine with her family, Caliyen admired the sentinel tradition and resolved to follow her elder sister's footsteps in becoming a sentinel. Following her posting to Ashenvale six years ago, Caliyen was involved in several clashes with the Horde and with various other enemies of the kaldorei. During this time she lost several close friends and eventually sought to leave the sentinels to think about her future.

Returning four years later, she was introduced to the Way of Malorne by Aldrannath and re-enlisted in the sentinels at the lowest rank of Outrunner.

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