Basic InformationEdit

Calming Storm was formed by a group of friends that was unhappy about their old server Bloodscalp-EU. The core principles in Calming Storm are friendship and having fun at playing the game. Raiding is the main focus of Calming Storm. The objective is to progress through raid content as much as possible without losing the fun that we're having at playing the game. RP has never been a focus of the guild, but if members desire to do RP they are free to do so.
After forming, Calming Storm recognized it did not have enough members to steadilly progress through content. A raiding partner was found in the guild Paradigm. Together with Paradigm the guild cleared Naxx 10 and 25, Obsidian Sanctum 10 (+2) and 25 (+1) and Eye of Eternity 10. Later another guild joined the raidforce in the form of Knights of Azeroth.
After Ulduar release the relationship between Calming Storm and Paradigm cooled off, this led to Calming Storm breaking off from the raidforce, shortly followed by Knights of Azeroth. After a short week of raids without Paradigm the two remaining guild decided to merge into one. On the 1st of June 2009 the Knights of Azeroth merged into Calming Storm. Leaving some friends in Knights of Azeroth to continue the guild with a greater focus on RP.

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Guild StructureEdit

Guild Master: Eäriorithia (rl)
Chief Officer: Graythor (rl)
Officer: Chibs (rl), Verka, Eldras, Urenat, Taplon, Zaltan (rl)
Class Leader: Rank is currently not in use
Member: Everyone else
Recruit: Those that want to become part of us :)

(rl) stands for Raid Leader, these people are designated Raid Leaders and have special privileges during raids.

Guild PoliciesEdit

Have fun!
Our core policy is fun. We are all playing a game and that is something we never forget. We play this game together and invest time in it together, it would be pointless to do this if we did not have fun.

Respect others!
Respecting others means more then just respecting your guild mates. Respect other players on the realm. If you do end up in a disagreement with someone take it up with them via /w and don't shout out in /general /trade or /y and /s. This makes you look like a fool, and with that, the rest of the guild. If you cannot come to an agreement with someone personally, ask an Officer for help.

Guild Bank
The Guild Bank is for everyone to use. Feel free to take stuff out that you need for you characters. When putting stuff in the Guild Bank make sure you put it in the right tab. Also please do not put Pre-TBC and TBC stuff in the Guild Bank, try to stick with WOTLK stuff only. The tabs are currently devided as follows:

  1. Gems -this is where all cut and uncut gems go-
  2. Herbs and Ore -this is where are herbs and ores go-
  3. Potions and Food -this is where potions, elixirs and flaks and cooked and uncooked buff food goes-
  4. Eternals and Leathers -all eternals and leatherworking supplies go-
  5. Gear -this is where all blues and purples go, greens go here as well, but will be DE'ed if they are put in here-
  6. Enchanting -this is where all enchanting materials and other highly valued items go, Only officers have take rights from this tab. If you want enchants for your gear ask an Officer for the mats-

Characters with a last login time of 3 months ago will be purged from the guild. This to keep the guild list clean. If you want your alt reinvited just contact an Officer.

We allow people to go freely, afterall, this is a game and we all want to have fun. But if you wish to leave Calming Storm, let others know about it. There is nothing more frustrating then finding out a character /gquit without knowing why.


Attending Raids
Raids will be scheduled by the Raid Leaders. You are then allowed to accept or decline the raid. Accepting a raid means you want to participate on it. Declining a raid means you do not want to participate on the raid. On the day of the raid the Raid Leader will put the players that accepted the raid to either Confirmed or Standy. Confirmed means you are on the raid. Standby means you are on standby for the raid. Members of Calming Storm are not forced to raid a certain number of raids. Everyone is welcome to raid when they want, and not raid when they don't want to.

Rules of Raiding
During raids special rules apply.

  • Rank is meaningless. The person in charge during a raid is the Raid Leader. Everyone listens to the Raid Leader.
  • Come prepared:
    • If the raid starts at 19.30, be online at 19.30.
    • Have your gear repaired before the raid starts.
    • Have a good enough supply of Reagents, Flasks and Buff Food with you.
    • Have your gear enchanted and gemmed properly.
    • Know the raid, has excelent basic explanations for every raid encounter.
  • Loot will be giving out via /roll system. First main spec /rolls, if noone /rolls for main spec, off spec can /roll. If noone wants an item it goes to DE. To make looting faster we encourage people to install an addon called RatingBuster.
  • The following addons are mandatory:


Calming Storm is currently recruiting:

  • Healing Priests
  • Warlocks
  • Healing Shamans
  • DPS Warriors
  • Rogues
  • Mages

Recruitment ProcesEdit

1. Talk to an Officer or the Guild Master about your interest to join the guild.

2. If the Officer thinks you are worhty of a trial he/she will invite you to the guild and you will gain the recruit rank.

3. When the Officers think you are a fitting player to the guild you will be promoted to member rank. There is no fixed time that this can take. Impress the Officers and this will go fast, be inactive or unimpressing and this could take very long.

What we expect from you:

  • Speak and understand English since we talk English in /gchat and ventrilo.
  • Mature behaviour but also a good sense of humour (you’ll need it :)).
  • Having ventrilo installed and being able to use it (preferably with a mic).
  • If you sign for a raid, come prepared.
  • Be a nice person who wants to have fun in the game with the limited time you / we have.
  • Be supportive towards your guildmates.

What you can expect from us:

  • A mature, good atmosphere without any drama.
  • Nice, cooperative guild members.
  • Fair loot distribution.
  • Playing when you have time (without worrying that you get kicked because you can’t attend enough raids).
  • And most of all, fun!

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