Name Edit

Camci Mephistopheles (Shadow of Doom)

Physical Traits Edit

He makes an obvious effort to shield his appearance from the outside world. The only thing that is seen clearly underneath the cowl of the hood are the eyes that burn red with a fierce, ominous unnatural intensity that seems to pierce through all that Camci gazes upon.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Priest

Guild Edit

Awakening of Chaos

Occupation Edit

Camci has no present employment. Follows Lady Sylvanas Windrunner orders.



Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

As he does anything what Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says, he doesnt sees anything as criminal since its her orders.

Personal Notes Edit

(will add when i got time)

Interesting FactsEdit

A charred necklace can be found around his neck, to which a symbol resembeling a half heart is attatched.

Current Status Edit

Currently engaged to Morticianne.

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