Cardaria Edit

Role: light to heavy RP community

Leader: depends on realm.

pve/pvp: depends on realm and part of organisation (C.I.C = trade, Black Ops = PVP)

Cardaria: representing the future, today, tomorrow, always!

Who are we? Edit

Cardaria is a community that runs various guilds on multiple realms.

Cardaria runs a trade organisation in a goal to bring the best products for the best prices on the horde and alliance market.


Every guild is ran by a CEO but the central command lies in the Darkmoon Faire RP realm, the following guilds are member of the Cardaria cartel.

Steamwheedle cartel Edit

The City Watch. (Alliance)

Darkmoon Faire Edit

The Scarlet Missionary (Alliance.)

Cardaria C I C (Horde.)

The Sha'tar Edit

Five horde Night Club (Horde.)

Background (Out of Character) Edit

People within Cardaria will try to be as nice as possible towards fellow factionmembers but are hostile versus the oposite faction with exeption of own allies.

Secret background (Darkmoon fair only) Edit

Cardaria at darkmoon fair is in secret an organisation aimed to sack the leadership of silvermoon city (this is scrapped together information found by questioning members of the guild there.)

How to join the Cardaria Cartel. Edit

To join the secret Cardaria organisation you need to agree with our goal to sack the militairy regime witin silvermoon and willing to make it a democracy


War Status Edit

Cardaria works with colorcodes to indicate their war readyness.


Colour and War Status. Edit

  This shows the differend colours Cardaria uses in his militairy forces to indicate their readiness.

Green: Edit

Normal peacetime military readiness.

Yellow: Edit

This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of national security measures.


This refers to an increase to force readiness above normal.


Red Edit

This refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness.


Black Edit

This refers to maximum readiness.

It is not certain whether this has ever been used,  but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on Cardaria military forces or Cardaria territory by a foreign military power.


Current war status Cardaria Militairy forces. Edit


More information soon to come. Edit

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