Hordecrest small.gif Carmen Terry Oakland
Image of Carmen Terry Oakland
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Age 34
Alignment Neutral Evil
Relative(s) Quite a few

Carmen harassing the wildlife.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She got cremated. She looks ashy with bits of hammered-down charred bone thrown in her urn. It is a nice urn.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Carmen was never a nice person. Undeath only made her more sadistic, opportunistic and unempathetic to others, as well as her usage of fel.  Her behaviour can seem erratic at times due to her flippant mood, though this has toned down quite a lot as of late. Until the moodyness came in that is. Her perkiness seems to be gone and in its place is a power-obsessed, crabby individual who tries to keep up an emotional barrier to anyone trying to get close with her. When the 'right' situation arises she can show her vengeful violent side and dire lack of mercy. She can be prone to severe hypocrisy and bouts of stupidity. In typical cliché fashion, when she does start caring for a person she can be fiercely loyal.

Hates animals but likes kids. Neither of those are prone to liking her.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

None. Never held down a job.

Besides she's dead, dead people don't get jobs. That's just silly.

Family[edit | edit source]

Alive[edit | edit source]

Unknown. Probably none.

Undead[edit | edit source]

Frank "Byron" Oakland (Father, unknown to the Oaklands/disowned them), Annie Oakland (Sister, disowned her), Toyah Oakland (Niece), Jennifer Oakland (Aunt), Ashei Oakland (Cousin, wherabouts unknown), Lucien Oakland (Cousin, married), Milyana Oakland (Cousin, unknown status), Mark "Marson" Oakland (Uncle, disowned the majority of them), Adalanta Oakland. Probably a lot more.

Deceased[edit | edit source]

Lizara Lonán (Aunt, disowned by her), Roy Oakland (Uncle), Maquellis Oakland (Cousin), Chester Oakland (Nephew), Lola Oakland (Niece), Lilly Oakland (Cousin), Nancy Oakland (Cousin) several other cousins by Lizara. Likely a whole lot more of them.

Background[edit | edit source]

((Under construction))

Life[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

After being born out of wedlock she grew up in the village now known as Deathknell, surrounded by plenty of family living nearby. When her younger sister came into the picture (Not out of wedlock) she became jealous over the 'competition' for attention and bullied her for quite some time as they grew up. They had relatives coming to visit from all sorts of areas a great deal of the time. It was from a bunch from her dad's side of the family that she picked up her accent. When they stopped coming in from Eastern Lordaeron as much she missed them dearly, and seems to of stubbornly kept the accent since.

Her days were spent picking on other children, being hyperactive, learning how to climb trees, hanging around her family and being a general pain in the backside. Despite her bad teeth, a disfigurement she doesn't like to talk about and some speech difficulties she seemed like a happy healthy kid otherwise, if a bit painfully short on attention-span and annoyingly hyper.

Teenage[edit | edit source]

Whatever cute mischievousness there was to her behaviour was lost when she hit puberty. Her bullying of her sister out of jealousy for attention was soon replaced by bullying her out of jealousy for her actually having friends and whatnot. Along with her insecurity over her appearance her bullying of other children worsened, especially towards girls she blamed for her feelings of confusion over her orientation. Her careless cruel attitude wound her up with a failed education, no job and no friends to speak of outside of her extensive family.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

She lived an easy life in her parents' home well past her adulthood but a sense of failure still pined in the back of her head. The usual routine of people coming and uneventfulness asides from hearing of wars kept on until she was in her thirties.

This festered until her last days, before a family reunion was due. She told her mother she was staying over at some faraway friend's house for a few days then ran away, with no clear idea where she was going, only knowing that she wanted to escape and get as far away from her scenario as possible to forget about it for the time being.

Death[edit | edit source]

She didn't get very far before meeting a figure in shady garb working with a crate. After initially annoying him to no end, he offered her a cake. Not seeing what could possibly go wrong with a creepy stranger freely giving her something, she ate it and consumed infected grain in the process. She blissfully wandered off, paying no mind to the creepy figure following her before she wound up dead by tripping and knocking her head off of a conveniently-placed rock. After testing a whole coffin of preservative fluid on her, he let out the now-mindless Carmen go to maul some villagers. This had the side effect of staining her skin through and through to a pale green and the necromancer getting bitten a few times.

Undeath[edit | edit source]

She recalls nothing of whatever she did in her mindless period, eventually 'waking up' quite alone in the Plaguelands. Confused, horrified and more than a little lost, she began wandering aimlessly towards Tirisfal, mimicing mindless zombie-esque movements along the way to try and not gain their attention. This got her struck at by living humans of whatever faction more than once, despite her protests and running like hell.

Upon passing Lordaeron, she noticed a fair bit of fight for control going on between the undead. Staying out of it, she kept wandering aimlessly through Tirisfal until finding her hometown in ruins with more mindless undead ambling about. She broke down, eventually burying herself under several books and miscellaneous items in her house to just lie there, as if dormant.

It was quite some time before a Forsaken raiding through her belongings hauled her sorry self out out her makeshift rubble, placed a mace in her hands and told her she had work to do. After a while of drifting through the now-Forsaken holding in a daze, she came across her cousin "Lucy", barely recognisable and missing a foot. The two clung onto eachother metaphorically, trying to find a purpose or any semblance of their life before in their world turned upside-down. In time they roughly worked out who was dead for definite and found Carmen's mother, who had begun learning how to be a magi from other Forsaken. The old woman found herself with people to lean on her - but no one for her to lean on.

The Horde[edit | edit source]

She grieved and simply soldiered through doing things for quite some time with her two relatives before they managed to move on somewhat together, or at least not just lie in their battered house all day and stare up at the grey ceiling. Though she wasn't as changed as most Forsaken, she still felt bitterness towards the humans she felt had abandoned her and settled with joining the Forsaken and Horde more out of spite towards them than anything. The three remained in their decrepit house within the place now known as Deathknell. Seeing some possibilities in this new 'life', Carmen took up the path of a warlock for power - though she didn't dabble too deeply in fel and ultimately lacked the drive to make anything of it, this corrupted her further and it wasn't long until she and Lucy commited their first murder of a Scarlet Crusader, devouring his remains for self-repair, revenge and for some twisted idea of fun. It wasn't long until they attempted it again and this became a weekly routine.

Though she met more relatives in undeath, a lot had moved on from the idea of family - and any living were quick to reject her, often violently. She has missed her family or having any semblance of one ever since.

Despite Carmen and Lucy's occasional human-hunting they were typically viewed as lazy scroungers pining too much for their old life, seeing as they hardly ever contributed to the Forsaken, their house was still a mess and Carmen pittered about at orcish bars to cling to the memory of being living and surrounded by the living. This habit ended when a brawl resulting by too many beverages and her hand got her banned from the innkeeper's place in Orgrimmar, and she returned to largely mulling about Tirisfal.

The Burning Crusade[edit | edit source]

Though she lacked interest in the politics and how it came about, she was pleased at the prospect of new allies that could look somewhat human to her like old times yet not be of the faction she despised. The closer distance between Quel'thalas and Tirisfal rather than Orgrimmar raised the appeal even more and she was quick to take a wander inside. She found the fancy place to be of her liking and found herself spending an equal amount of time between there and Tirisfal.

She passed the time being useless as usual, pissing off the guards with repeated questions or other nonsense which lead to more than one instance of being detained beside the gates. She occasionally made friends or made enemies, in particular a stalker that attacked her and a 'friend' who was simply too short-fused and too far-gone psychologically and morally to the fel's effects having took place at a young age. This worsened her already-bigoted views on romantic advances from females and those that would claim to be righteous whilst sending any negativity her way, be it deserved or not - more often deserved than not.

Though she hung around her cousin more sparsely (Seeing as she had more friends or just people that would put up with her and he didn't appreciate the garishly bright city for a while), she came to realise she had fallen in love with him. The two formed a soppy coupling, but this became messy when she got involved with the Blood Knight/guard Kael'salen Brightrose, which her mother gave her hell for. He largely tried to use her for his necrophillia kink (Though this went absolutely nowhere beyond a kiss and a cuddle) and didn't care for her cousin's blubbering into a pillow, and she remained oblivious to his ulterior motives right past the time he genuinley fell for her and stopped pressing the issue.

She occasionally visited Shattrath after pestering a mage endlessly until he gave in and she could set her hearthstone there, managing to visit an elven girl when Children's Week came around. Amazingly the girl didn't end up as dead or worse from their outings, though the Matron was quick to voice her disagreement after she returned her splatted with bright red stains that turned out to be from a 'ketchup-fight' instead of blood. Pinching children's cheeks to the point of actual bleeding didn't help either.

Pre-Wrath of the Lich King[edit | edit source]

Around the time of the third Scourge invasion, Kael'salen died on an utterly botched scouting/slaying mission when an ambush struck after an abomination was used as a distraction. Out of terrible luck, he was the only one from that group of elves to die from it, the rest fleeing. She grieved and struggled to move on from his death, throwing herself back into her usual routine of slaying Scarlet Crusaders and making her way back home at the end of the day to cling closer to her memories of her old life. The routine helped her block out the pain a little, though this was interrupted at points with having to avoid the ghouls popping up in the worst places imaginable.

Wrath of the Lich King[edit | edit source]

Carmen took no part in the Northrend war effort. Sometime after the event at Light's Hope chapel, Kael'salen returned - a twisted, bitter shade of his former self that spitefully accused her of playing a part in the events that lead to his death by being a distraction on his mind. This took out some of his frustration at his previous life being more or less thrown into ruin, but at the cost of her mental health. Despite begging, sometimes on her knees or when latched onto his ankle to prevent him brushing her off, the two made no reconcillation. Infact the begging just drove him further away. Proposing with a ring in a clam shell didn't help her case either and was simply an embarrassment in Murder Row. It wasn't long before her cousin's pity and her loneliness helped her rebound onto him and throw herself into commitment. They got engaged.

And then got married by an elf named Sebastev in a wrecked abandoned church in the Plaguelands, whilst conveniently neglecting to mention the fact they were related. He didn't find out until much later and her mother was disappointed that she never got to bear witness to this, let alone know that they were back together.

Whilst lounging around Quel'thalas and looking for people to throw eggs at, she stumbled across the scruffy homeless elf woman Vilenia. Feeling stupidly awkward yet drawn to her, she kept hanging around and trying to convince her to throw eggs at people and be friends. Eventually the two became romantically involved after Lucy tried encouraging her, giving her permission in the thought that it would help with her issues with women and give her some company before he went off to fight in Northrend. It did, but at the cost of her burying Vilenia later when an arcane guardian saw her commiting 'breach of the peace'.

She began calling herself and the deaths of those she knew into question for the third time, beginning to use affliction spells on herself out of guilt. Though she felt she had fell out of love with her, her care and gratitude towards Vilenia remained. She removed her body from Quel'thalas to be buried in Silverpine, away from the place and the strict laws that ended her.

Putress' betrayal[edit | edit source]

She was within Quel'thalas at the time of the Undercity's takeover, and so hung around there rather than going to Orgrimmar to beg like some of the refugees. She met up with her mother stranded in Deathknell once the mess was all over.

In typical Carmen fashion, she saw the orc's prescence as oppressive and biased against her kind rather then for the safety of anyone else and a reasonable action due to broken trust. She still holds negative opinions of the Kor'kron.

Months went by without any sign of Lucy or written letters that were normally quite on time, and she pessimistically assumed the worst.

Pre-Cataclysm[edit | edit source]

Towards the shakes, Carmen's grief started piling on and catching up with her. She took up residence in an inn in Quel'thalas with her mother for the time being. Finding a lack of enjoyment in her usual activities, she sought out a powerful orc warlock to try and further the warlock studies she had long-ago abandoned when she had what she thought was enough. Her spellcasting abilities improved, but the fel didn't help her deteriorating mental health any.

Before the sundering, she was jailed for viciously assaulting the Death knight Kael'salen Brightrose, who went by the name Rhialdor in undeath. She was placed in solitary confinement for further observation due to her increasingly self-destructive behaviour, neglecting herself and badly scratching a lot of inmates. Her sentence was also extended due to clawing inmates.

Cataclysm[edit | edit source]

After a deliberate explosion freed some inmates around the time of the Sundering, Carmen fled and ditched her prison uniform. A corpse running around in its underwear of a similar description was seen asking for a ride by dragonhawk to someplace else in Quel'thalas, but left in a raging fit when it became apparent this would cost silver.

Secret identities[edit | edit source]

Sometime after deciding to hide under a bridge, she came across her former 'friend' Vilenia, somehow risen into undeath. Vilenia gathered some requested items for her to get dressed and hide her identity. Carmen decided to take on the name Lotus and try to pass herself off as one of the new Forsaken, pretending to be mute in case her voice was too much of a give-away.

Time passed, and she took on another identity with the plan to start up a group of sorts, but scrapped the idea when she realized this wouldn't work out with her depression and self-confidence issues. She managed to explain things to her mother and returned to her home. She latched onto an elf named Liraen despite telling herself not to get attached to anyone for fear of 'making' them die, even following her on an expedition to Sillithus. After the return home Liraen went off to new areas, though Carmen still writes to her for peace of mind. She managed to allow herself to be friends with Vilenia, trying to excuse it from her fear of losing people by reasoning that she needed someone and someplace to stay with all of this upheaval.

Carmen disguised as a person she made up called Lucibelle. Metagame and I will throw peanuts at you.

Some healing[edit | edit source]

She eventually managed to reconcile with Kael'salen Brightrose, or at least stop trying to claw him to ribbons whenever he walked by her house. Things were starting to look up a little, and she even found Lucy was still undead - terribly traumatized and physically altered, but not properly dead. Her self-blame was waning due to others coming back and her ex finally telling her to her face that he had lied about her causing him to die, indirectly or otherwise.

She managed to go out at Children's Week and obtain permission to take a wolvar cub around for a while, but outstayed her welcome on this when she took him home and called him Milly. A mercenary group retrieved the kidnapped orphan over a month later, much to her dismay, but neglected to take Carmen or Lucy in for their punishment.

Shortly before 'Milly' was retrieved, Vilenia met her end, again. Though she grieves, a talk with her spirit appears to of brought her come closure/comfort. She is determined to make something of her undeath and try to overcome her issues, if not for herself than for those she still holds dear.

Demise[edit | edit source]

She came across some Forsaken discussing things they had came across in their fight to overthrow Gilneas, among them being hints of the fate Sylvanas had suffered. She began to question whether Vilenia was truly resting or suffering agony forever for her crimes. She grew more and more terrified of this the more she asked, throwing herself in frantic spellcasting and study in an effort to reach her - and growing more snappy and irritable at the people around her. Partially due to the fel corruption, partially due to the fear.

Eventually she was found by the Shadow priest Heatharn, who caught onto her woes and decided to manipulate them. She lied to her that she had contacted Vilenia, that she was indeed suffering and needed the Crimson Sun Brigade's members firmly out of the way. In her panicked state of grief, she didn't question and merely rushed ahead to begin her assault on her Headquarters.

This went about as well as you'd expect, and after pushing someone off a cliff, attacking two members, ravaging the person she had thrown off of a cliff and then trying to attack everyone present within their headquarters in Hillsbrad, she was messily killed off. Her remains were cremated, with broken charred bones and some of her fireproof garments inside as well.

Family background[edit | edit source]

The Oaklands are an extremely mixed bag of humans when it comes to where they're from and what they're like, with relatives and in-laws extending near and far away with even the odd halfbreed thrown in. Most of her close relatives lived nearby each other in the village now known as Deathknell.  They were middle class, neither nobles or poor with relatively clean criminal records. The vast majority of them are dead humans and/or Forsaken due to having lived around Lordaeron in the Third war.

The ones that are Forsaken and seriously so have either shaken off their family name out of shame for the 'village idiot' part that now just composes of Lucy, disregard their peculiar relatives or both. In life they had a tendency towards being family-orientated, a trait her mother in Brill and her widowed cousin still posseses.

Criminal record[edit | edit source]

Stealing a wig from the Undercity barber. Was fined for minor breach of the peace in Brill. Pinched the cheeks of eight orphans in Shattrah and accidently caused them to bleed. Was caught streaking within Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods and Tirisfal.

Was found brutally attacking a Sin'dorei man and was jailed. Despite the fact he was a Death knight and hence looked down upon, they reasoned that they didn't want to conflict with the Warchief's law of treating them as equals and that getting her off the streets of Silvermoon would save them from further annoyance via asking directions or worse, so she was successfully prosecuted.

Is also wanted for escaping the jail, along with other inmates when a hole was blown in the wall.

Was wanted by Dalaran for not returning a wolvar pup after Children's week for over a month. The pup was returned by a mercenary group even if she wasn't. This incident confirming the fact she was undead and well renewed the want for her arrest in Quel'thalas.

Her 'Lucibelle' disguise was reported to Silvermoon by Koranith Dawnfire. People involved in those legal matters may find her ugly mug and Putress knock-off outfit distinctive enough to attempt arresting.

Had several other things not on her criminal record due to managing not to get caught so far. But now she's properly dead so that shouldn't matter as much anymore.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Will go into an unholy rage if the fact she was born out of wedlock is brought up as an insult. Likes to think idealistically of the situation as her being a 'surprise'.
  • Still sucks her thumb and occasionally rests (Not sleep, though she tries) with a weird raggy doll. Gave it some quite strong enchants, including defense against fire and resillience for peace of mind.
  • Her succubus has a lazy eye, though she hardly summons her demons anyway.
  • Has a habit of blanking out at times in a way reminiscent of a mindless zombie.
  • Needs a hug, though prone to biting at freely-given hugs by people she doesn't know.
  • Cannot sing for shit. Her screaming can rival banshees at times.
  • Is dead. Really. Look at how dead she is. Amazing.
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