Name: Edit

Caswan Baxter Clayworth

Physical Traits : Edit

A young and pretty man. Obviously in the early twenties. He has cold light blue eyes, which are uncomfortable to look into. His skin is slightly brownish. Caswan`s hair is brown and in shoulder-length, it is well combed. The face seems to be without feelings as he just gives everyone a cold pitifull look.

Race and Class: Edit

Human Priest.

Guild: Edit


Occupation: Edit

Tailor and enchanter.

Master Sergeant of The Alliance Army


Ex-Corporal of The Peopls Militia

Heir to The House of Cleyworth

Family: Edit

Living family members:

Ceadric Claywort (Uncle)

Yvar Clayworth (Cousin)

Lucricia Clayworth (Cousin)

Elrich Clayworth (Cousin)

Victor Drangus Clayworth (Father)

Background : Edit

Caswan's past is almost unknown to everybody. When he came to Stormwind he quickly joined The Peoples' Militia. Some months later-after meeting the gnome necromancer Diliamem he left them without a word.

Days after he was put in jail for unknown reasons. He managed to escape and have been wanted by The Peoples' Militia several times after that. He have also been seen alot together with Irodoril,Diliamem and Mestorath What they are up to are unknown. He currently found out that he was one of the last living members of House Clayworth. Which again means he is a noble, and demands to be treated like one.

For some time ago one of Caswan's best friends Tyarna Duskheart conviced him to betray The Dark Embrace and ran away.

Recently Diliamem's new host managed to track down and capture Caswan. After hours of torture Caswan was driven into madness by the necromancer.

A while ago Caswan was seen outside Ironforge near the graveyard. He was collecting something from the ground. What this was is unkown.

Family Background : Edit

Though as Caswan long belived he was a son of the Lighthammer family, he was sought out by a man who claimed to be his uncle. But though under a diffrent surname . This person told Caswan that he was one of the last living members of House Clayworth. The man came with several proofs and after a long conversation Caswan accepted this fact, and became the heir of the House of Clayworth.

Criminal Record : Edit

Caswan has a pretty large criminal record, he have been charged for several assaults on militants. Though this is mostly forgotten by the inhabits of Stormwind City.

Personal Notes: Edit

Caswan wears expensive clothing most of the time.

He does always have a dagger hidden somewhere on him.

His companion is a turtle called Robert.

Caswan has two personalities. This is a due to the torture Diliamem Penwtworth did to him.

One of Caswan's personalities is all insane and evil while the other one is kind and gentle.

Current Status : Edit

Missing in Outland.


  • Come my dear Robert!
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