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== Name: ==
== Name: ==

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Caswan Baxter Clayworth

Physical Traits :

A young and pretty man. Obviously in the early twenties. He seems to be from Lordaeron. He has light blue eyes, which are uncomfortable to look into. The skin is a little brown.Caswan`s hair is brown and in shoulder-length. Most would consider him as pretty.

Race and Class:

Human Priest.


The Dark Embrace


Tailor and enchanter.

Corporal of The Alliance Army.

Priest of the Light.

Ex-Corporal of The Peopls Militia


Caswan is an orphan and has no real family. Though a family called Lighthammer took him to them andraised him as their youngest son.

Background :

Caswan`s past is almost unknown to everybody. When he came to Stormwind he quickly joined The Peoples' Militia . Some months later-after meeting the gnome necromancer Diliamem he left them without a word.

Days after he was put in jail for unknown reasons. He managed to escape and have been wanted by The Peoples' Militia several times after that. He have also been seen alot together with Irodoril,Diliamem and Mestorath What they are up to are unknown.

Family Background :

The Lighthammer family was a quite a rich faimly from Stratholme. But when Arthas started to slay the townsfolk both of Caswan`s parents was killed. The older son and the orphan Caswan managed to get away.

Criminal Record :

Caswan has a big criminal record. 26 markings.

Personal Notes:

Caswan carries a great hatred for the militant Iriana Nightfall.

Current Status :

Free from prison.

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