Noble houses, characters of noble heritage and nobility-related institutions. Nobles are just the 4%-5% so people should be careful when chosing a such character.

The aristocracy often has to keep high appearance as they have a great influence in politic and, obiviously, their culture is costantly kept as private. Nobles are used to marry togheter to mantain their blood 'pure' from the common race and this may even bring you to have relationships with other characters that bear a title. Note that nobles are rare to find, and that the titles brought differ from kind to kind. Two are the most important types of nobles, the Nobility and the Minor Nobility (aka Knights). The last ones are unable to own ground and, for this reason, they often declare vassals of other nobles in exchange of concessions. They usually vow their life to the church, the arcane arts or, much likely, combat.

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