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Tinker Necromancer Lich Assassin Apothecary
Bounty Hunter Demon Hunter Mercenary Spy

From the Warcraft RPG Sourcebook:

Tinkers are among the smartest of the adventurers setting out to explore and conquer Azeroth. The creators of incredible inventions from crazy multipurpose knives, steam saws, to siege engines, their devices allow them to overcome nearly any situation - and if they don't have the device they need, they just might be able to design and create a new one on the spot. Tinkers have a reputation for being dangerous companions, born mainly of reckless goblins experimenting with explosives. However, tinkers are not usually danger-prone. The real problem arises when they mess with gunpowder or try to build a better steam engine, and even then mishaps and explosions do not occur as often as many believe. However, the true heart of the tinker profession can be found in the steady craftsmanship of the dwarves and the wild-eyed curiosity of the gnomes. As tinkers begin to spread to all the races of Azeroth, the idea of the "typical tinker" may continue to change, but inventiveness and intelligence will always be an important part. Tinkers are most commonly found among the dwarves, gnomes and goblins, as they produce rifles, zeppelins, and other technological innovations currently found on Azeroth.

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