Alliancecrest small Ceadric Clayworth
Title(s) Baron
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Age 42
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Northwind Free Company
Occupation Commander
Status Alive and grumpy
Relative(s) Baxter Caswan Clayworth - Nephew
  • Olette Zalazar - Niece
  • Carwal Clayworth - Brother
  • Fabianne Clayworth - Mother
  • Barcley Clayworth - Cousin
  • Edmund Clayworth - Cousin
  • Percival Clayworth - Uncle (Deceased)
  • Matafleur Dannan-Clayworth - Wife (Deceased)

The Great Bazzinski (Honorary Brother)


Ceadric depicted by Matafleur.

Physical TraitsEdit

This grim, mud-slogging soldier initially appears to be a grizzled veteran. His weapons and armor looks worn, like they were scavenged from a battlefield. His hair, brown and his eyes are deep green. Judging by the lines of his face he could be around his late thirties. He is an average-looking man with a firm jaw and angled features. He keeps his body well trained and toned.

There is a missing part of the index finger on his left hand and his right eye is covered with an eye patch. Around his neck hangs a flimsy medallion.


Northwind Free Company


Family BackgroundEdit

-Yet to be written-
Clayworth Family Tree

The proper Clayworth Family Tree

Criminal RecordEdit

Was sent to prison for a murder - Records of it have been destroyed.

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit

Clayworth has now returned to his old position of Commander of the Northwind Free Company. A group of mercenaries striving to do good, albeit sometimes by questionable means.

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