Alliancecrest small Celegil Moonwatcher
Title(s) None
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Age 215 years
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Way of Malorne
Occupation Sentinel
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mother:

Ilaana Moonwatcher


Salabadon Starfire


Kailahan Moonwatcher

Salvano Starfire

Physical description

Celegil looks like an average Kaldorei with a height of 6'3(1.95 meters). Like her kin, she has an athletic body with strong arm muscles which enables her to run for a decent amount of time and shoot arrows. Her face looks plain for a Kaldorei, as the first signs of ageing start to show in the form of slightly wrinkles. She has long black hair draping alongside her face. There is one notable feature situated on her face and that is a scar on the left side of her face that runs from her eye to her nosewing.


Full name: Celegil Moonwatcher

Mother: Ilaana Moonwatcher

Father: Thalyn Darkleaf, deceased

Mate: Elder Salabadon Starfire.

Children: Kailahan Moonwatcher, Salvano Starfire


Celegil was born as the child of her mother Ilaana Moonwatcher and her father Thalyn Darkleaf in Cenarion Hold, Silithius around two centuries ago. Her parents came here a few hundred years earlier to fight in the War of the Shifting Sands and decided to stay after the war was over alongside a number of other villagers.

Celegil's childhood was rather uneventful, having a happy and peaceful time being raised by her mother and others in a communal way. She never knew her father as he perished before she was born but Celegil apparently never quite missed him.

A number of years later, Celegil and her mother were forced to leave Cenarion Hold as the Silith re-conquered the sands on which the settlement was build. Following a small group of survivors they travelled to Ashenvale.

After arriving in Astranaar, Celegil quickly made it her home and continued to work as an Initiate for the Sisterhood. Her typical duties were to care for the wounded, teach the local populace about useful herbs and telling famous tales and stories.


Celegil, drawn by Matafleur.

Though Celegil enjoyed her time as an Initiate for decades and decades. Eventually, she was asked to undertake the rite of passage into becoming a full Priestess of Elune. However, this proved to be a painful failure as the magical reserves in her were not enough to connect with the Goddess. As such, she was deemed to stay an Initiate for the rest of her life. After a discussion with Ilaana, Celegil eventually decided to join the Sentinels instead and serve the village community through the blade instead of the word.

She signed up with the Sentinels and served as an Outrunner for more than a hundred years until the Third Ware broke out. In this, she also served as an Outrunner gathering intelligence on the location of Burning Legion outposts along with her fellow sisters.

After the war, Celegil was promoted to Sentinel and a few years later she met her first mate Malreas. They had a child together which they named Kailahan. Sadly, Malreas and Celegil eventually split as he wished to gain more power through fell and demonic energies. Being against this, Celegil expelled him from her life.

Celegil was also shortly promoted to Captain and lead her own Sentinel group. However, due to a critical error in judgement, Celegil was struck down by her superiors, stripped of her rank and demoted back to Sentinel.

A few years ago, Celegil met the Druid Salabadon Starfire in Moonglade as she was in search for a teacher to become her son's Shan'do. Celegil and Salabadon quickly befriended each other and after a few months decided to share their lives together. They live happily and peacefully as a family in Winterspring along with Kailahan and Salabadon's own son Salvano.

Personal Traits

Celegil is a mature woman. As she has gained experience over the last century as a Sentinel, she has become cautious and calm through being polite. On duty, she obeys orders and as such, she follows them the best she can. Due to the fact Celegil is a mother, she loves to deal with children and generally be around them, unlike her much older and much more grumpy Sentinel comrades. Though having a record of being racist towards the other 'lesser' races, her years with Salabadon made her more welcoming towards outsiders not from Kalimdor.

Affiliations and Occupation

Celegil has no current afflitiations as she has left the Sentinels. In the years before though, she has been a member of a number of groups. The Cenarion Guardians was her first as it was close to her work as a Sentinel. A number of disagreements however forced her to resign quite quickly. A number of years later, she met Elder Aldrannath preaching the word and Way of Malorne. Though she was enraptured by the message, she grew in doubt as time passed by. The death of her friend Caliyen due to following the Way made Celegil decide to leave the Sentinels and The Way altogether and rather focus her attention on the children she was supposed to raise.


Currently living in Starfall Village along with her husband Salabadon Starfire and sons Kailahan and Salvano. Following her discovery of pregnancy she mostly is tied to her house and the village, writing books on herbs.

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