Name: Ceréna Duskwind

Age: Around 10.000 years

Home: Astranaar

Physical TraitsEdit

Ceréna is a tall and slender kaldorei. Her long dark blue hair, silvery eyes and healthy shape makes her stand out as a beautiful female kaldorei. Her body shows that she is very agile and swift in her movement and when i fight she strikes fast and uses her agility to overcome any enemy. She is always seen with a nightsaber with the name of Milia. She is Ceréna's trusted companion, which is one of the only beings in Azeroth Ceréna has a close bond with.

Mental TraitsEdit

Ceréna is very stern most of the time. Being brought up to become a Sentinel, she carries the touch of her former commanders and leaders. But she isn't always serious and stern. Her companion, Milia, sometimes makes her laugh and act silly, but it happens rarely. Ceréna has close to no faith in the males of Azeroth. She sees them as persons whom she might talk to sometime but never bond or mate.


Corporal in Northwind Free Company


Ceréna is a Corporal in the Northwind Free Company, dedicating all her time to aid her fellow comrades.


Ceréna has some familiy left, mostly residing in Darnassus and Ashenvale Forest.


((TO COME!))

Criminal RecordEdit

Ceréna has never before commited a crime. She sees law as some of the fundemental things of living amongst other people.

Current StatusEdit

Ceréna currently aids in the running the Company as a Corporal.

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