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Cermon Cornith Ormsby Pike

Physical Traits Edit

Identical in almost every way to Prayher exept that Cermon can talk. Cermon has three faint scars on her right cheek. Which Glow darkly when shes angry.

Differences Between Edit

Several differences are between Prayher and cermon below are a list.

Prayher is mature and Cermon acts less than.

Prayher takes things as they come and Cermon usealy tries it all at once.

Prayher shows concern for almost everyone Cermon is similar but does not forgive as easily.

Prayher is open minded about the world and cermon can be naive towards certain dangers.

Race and ClassEdit


Half Magi


The Defias

Occupation Edit

Alchemist like prayher but still has not decided her own.


Prayher Cornith: "mother"

Damien Lee Ormsby Pike: "father"

Background Edit

Cermon has the same memories as prayher. but was created after a nasty magical accident. she has both some of Prayhers and some of Ormsbys powers.

Cermon Realised that shes a Shade,shadow a Reflection of Prayher. Cermon likes Saverok and she has given him her soul until she reailses what it is to be a proper mortal. Also knowing she is half Neather she spoke to svaerok about the possibilaty of her being able to be summoned like a deamon. later in the day he tried this experiment summoning Cermon naked in his presence. Cermon took one look at herself and then hid screaming at saverok to get her robe from downstairs. this lead to her Half Neather Trait. She has now made the robe of neather weave giving it the ability to change and follow her when summoned like a deamon.

Recently a Possesed Ormsby Betrayed Cermos Secret: That she canbe Summoned like a Deamon To Adyith Adyith then used cermon as somewhere to get Soul shards gathering many. Adyith then tried to Drain her new Toy of life force....Stumbleing upon the Gateway to the neather that is Cermons other half. Greedily Adyith Drained the power in the neathers ever replenishing source through Cermon causing her great pain. Adyith orderd her imp and Cermon to strangle themselves.....the imp did without question Cermon refused and got a large headache from the spell that bound her to adyiths will. she then throttled herself uncoincious redy to be drain once every two hours the following day.

Cermon launched a failed escape attempt of witch she was forced to fight Deamons Adyith or Ormsby cared to Summon. Cermon won the battles but as a result of a close call with a voidwalker has three faint paralell lines of scar on her right cheek.

Cermon mangaed to find a loophole in Adyiths orders. She was allowed to see the outside for 1 Hour 45 Min every 2 Hours. She tracked down her father and pestered him into apologiseing for him leaving her to Adyith. Ormsby Groveled for forgiveness which cermon granted. Unfortunly...Adyith Returned Early and found Cermon gone. She Demanded that she say who she was with and where. Cermon gave in to Adyiths orders and Told her "In Elwynn with Father!" after a brief fight between Adyith and Ormsby,imon and Elizabetha. Adyith ran off leaving a blood trail behind her and severing the connection between her and Cermon. She would never Summon her again. Cermon has recovered physically from Adyiths Torture...but her magic acts erraticaly and often Short circets. Cermon now seeks a cure to some of her traits which could count against her.

Cermon Has been seen wearing a blindfold The Reason for this lies in her creation. Adyiths Draing opened the neather gate wider tan it should have been Damaging her light side. But when Elizabetha Broke the Connection between Her and Adyith the gate was Closed over but not fully. Now both the light and shadow parts of Cermon are trying to Balance her. an equal powr of shadow and light. but both magics sabotage the others attempts. This cause Cermons Magic to wax and Wane, After touching one of Ormsbys hairbrushes or personal items her magical feild reacted and the shadow became stornger than the light. Cermons eyes look like that of a Voidwalkers and she can only see the outline of people in shadow...Some people she cannot see at all She cannot see objects and hid her eyes so noone would be afraid or Prosacute her for being a deamon. One can only assume touching one of her mothers items would Give the exact opposite effect.

cermon Met With Elizabetha and Amy redcross in Stormwind keep and was sent by elizabetha to a Few of the mages to help with her Creation related Problems such as shadow sight and light sight and the Waxing and waneing of her magical powers. before Elizabetha took off on important business she Shook Her hand. being in contact with something as strong Lightwise as Liz cermon Had her vision switched to Light. the effect is not as obvious as the shadow vision was. She can only hope she can find a cure...if temporary For this so she can see properly.

sucsess! Cermon Found a temporery cure by making a hair extension out of a Lock of Ormsby's and Prayhers hair. a short while after she had done this she met a SoS Guard by the name of Bodicia Whom was Hiding from some unknown thing, it turned out she was hiding from another state flogging and after a telepathic message from Saverok accused Cermon of being a warlock. Cermon Counjered a flame of light to prove this was not the true case. She was greeted by saverok whom she decided to walk back to his work place after he explained how much he missed her. he gave cermon a medalion with a purple dimond on it, Unkown to cermon this was a null Stone a magical Rock that nulled magic. Cermon is unable to cast any spells and her Telepathy is severly reduced, she was then Arrested by Saverok and another guard When Cermon yelled at saverok to tell them to let her go saverok told her that "saverok is Dead exacuted by the state over a month ago." Cermon replied "Oh you did not just say...." but was cut off as she was thrown in the cells. Her hands cuffed behind her back Cermon managed to reach her gladius at her side using it to cut the cuffs she waited in ambush with it and attacked a guard unsucessfuly..reasons for this was lack of skill the blade being blunt and saverok Blasting it out of her hand She was gaged and chained to the wall. after a while she managed to shake the gag off and continued to scream abuse and other things directed to saverok and the guards. as she found out Saverok was keeping her in the cells "For her own good" as if protecting her from something that she does not fully know about. She was moved to the opposite wall offering no resistance and she was asked if she would stay silent by saverok.Cermon said for him to gag her anyway because if she wasent shed scream at the guards anyway saverok Reluctantly gaged her tightly and Stiched the gag even tighter so it could not be shaken off as easily She was then told she would be moved to Saveroks Quartersd out of the Cells and away from anyother threats. it seems Saverok is protecting her form as many things as he can..things Cermon doesnt understand or know about yet.

Cermon Watched a fight in the cell between a armed prisoner and a guard. Cermon caught a stray knife witch shattered against her chain when she tried to cut it. She then kicked at one of the guards and missed the dwarven guard wasent bothered until cermons second kick hit him,The dwarf hit cermon unconcious and serchered her for anything that could be used to hurt anyone the dwarf took her half shard and left her medalion Saverok came by and returned her shard Upon which he injected Cermon with a Tranqalliser Cermon was shocked at this and stared accusingly at saverok not knowing what whould happen when she woke...if she ever did he, eyes drooping cermon gave in to the tranq. Cermon awoke in Saveroks quarters a little while later where upon Saverok was hurt by an armoured woman When she had gone and when he had healed Cermon repeated a question she had been asking for the last few days..Why was she here acorrding to Saverok "The Tux" had been seen once more and he had decided to keep her safe..if against her will He removed the Medallion returning her ability to cast and made her promise she would not try to escape she agreed.

Time has passed and Cermon haqs begun trying to lead a normal life...but recent stirrings in stromwind have shattered it. her shadow powers are stronger...shes free of saveroks company and her shard has become full...she is a independant person...though she is still a reflection..

Recently Cermon has been forced to work for the Defias. she continues to rebel against her own existance as a warlock wishing to be left alone. but Danjinn has threatend her to expose her to the public and guards and thus destroy what careful existance she has built for herself. after getting completely drunk, enought to pass out danjinn managed to get her soul gem away from her and keeping her in his service while she attempts to get it back.

when it became apparent that Danjinn wanted her soley for the magical clout she could bring to a fight. the fact that she wasent getting her soul gem back and the punishments she was receving Cermon wrote a note to danjinn and ran away to darkshire for three days. on the third day when she was about to leave to lakeshire she was attacked by a hunter hired by Danjinn to retreive her. she was shot in the neck with a tranquilizer and before she could respond effectively passed out. when she woke she was tied and gagged and being thrown into a padded crate after she was returned to Danjinn she was allowed to leave the crimson cog but only if she wore an explosive collar. to not arouse any suspicion cermon disguises it as a black ribbon with a ourple gem as it would bring down more trouble on her if it was spotted. she has become slightly better behaved and less reluctant to take orders now the collar is in place though she still resents the position she is in she sees that she has run out of options and now must do as she is told for the time being.

Family Background Edit

Technically she has the history of both families but: Cermon was created after two good freinds Prayher and Ormsby fought when Prayher found that Ormsby was a partly evil

Criminal Record Edit

No record of said Perosn existing.

Personal Notes Edit

Fathers Gift: Cermon has similar powers to ormsby thought some at a lesser level.

Phobias: Cermon has no fear of snakes or water like her mother has.

Half Magi: Cermon (Being Prayhers not so evil half) is half Magi and can be summoned like a deamon, the downside is she is subjected to a deamons rules . only magicianscan do this.

Mothers Gift': Cermon has similar powers to Prayher thought some at a lesser level...recently this has been dampened down to a almost zero level.

Current Status Edit

Missing. All records of her existance Wiped By State of Stormwind

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