A small enterprise Edit

Cheap Shot Manufacturing is a small business run by the gnomes Snakefing and Brantub. Their goal is to provide quality mechanical creations and engineering components at affordable prices. They also have a free locksmithing service

Cheap Shot Manufacturing provide the inhabitants of Azeroth with a wide range of products including:

  • Powerful firearms that can stop a Devilsaur dead in it's tracks

  • Precision scopes to increase the accuracy of your marksmanship

  • High Grade Ammunition for any gun

  • Goggles of all kinds, crafted with the very best of optical components

  • All manner of quality engineering components

  • Many kinds of novelty items, ranging from mechanical squirrels to world enlargers

Cheap Shot Manufacturing will also attend special events across the lands of Azeroth. Watch out for their tradeshows!

For all your manufacturing needs, contact Brantub or Snakefing. Mail-order services are also provided.

Cheap Shot Manufacturing, no questions asked, and our prices will stun you!

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