Hordecrest small Church of Shadows
Sigil of Shadows
Role Disbanded.
Leader None

Information & Background:Edit

The Church of Shadows was a sect of the Forgotten Shadow religion formed with the intent of uniting willing worshippers of the Forgotten Shadow into a fully organized religion, intended to establish and enforce Shadow worship throughout all of the lands currently controlled by the Forsaken and eventually all of the Eastern Kingdoms, by any means necessary.
It's members were primordially Forsaken Shadow Cultists, but it also featured a few other branches such as a military branch of "Lightslayers", warriors and rogues dedicated to eliminate Light Worship wherever they may find it, a branch that accepted Necromantic practices when not used to raise more mindless servants (I.e for healing and freeing those controlled by the Scourge).

Headline: Church of Shadows disbanded!Edit

(Numerous news pamphlets can be found throughout Undercity, and in Deathknell.)

Due to the current war effort, the Church of Shadows was forcibly disbanded by orders from the Kor'kron Honor Guard, and with some degree of approval from the Dark Lady. Orcish Horde officials claim that supporting the war against the Twilight's Hammer and it's allies is and should be considered top priority by all allies to the Horde, and it was deemed necessary to 'close' certain political and otherwise miscellaneous fractions to increase the funds of the main bulk of the Orcish warmachine. Former spokesperson of the Church of Shadows, Déliana, gave a short but assuring comment.

"The Church, blessed may it have been, is not where the faithful should look back to in regret. The Forgotten Shadow will always carry us forwards, and shape our destinies. It was a protecting shell, a refuge for all believers. The Orcs choose to cast us aside, and steal our funds, our faith, our community. But shadows never vane, and neither shall the Forgotten Shadow."

The current Warchief of the Orcish Horde, Garrosh Hellscream, who ordered these actions in the first place, has yet to comment on these affairs. Upon attempted investigation, we were advised to discontinue the leads after we found that records of these events had been mysteriously removed.

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