Name Edit

Alliancecrest small Cicania Maupoissant
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Age 19
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation The Alliance
Occupation Mediziner Guard
Status Alive

Cicania Maupoissant

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Race and ClassEdit

Human Mage

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Works as a guard for Redemptio Coronae.

Occupation Edit

Tailor, Enchantress


Cicania has not revealed much about her family except the fact that she did not wish to spend Winter Veil with them (which implies she does have living relatives).

Background Edit

Again, Cicania has not revealed much about her background. It is clear, that her family lived somewhere in what is now the Eastern Plaguelands, but exactly where is something she has not confided in anyone.

Sometime during a trip to the ruins outside the shield hiding Dalaran, she found a spellbook belonging to an unnamed lady mage. The book does not contain battle spells, but little cantrips to make daily life easier.

She has been known to study under one of the mages in the Stormwind Mages Tower, though she has recently apprenticed herself to a new tutor.

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/Nouala 12:17, 22 February 2007 (GMT)

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