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Mitchell Cinner

Physical Traits Edit

6 FT 3inch With Scarred skin all over his body making it thick as leather a weather face of thirty years looks at the world with a slight distaste for those who stop him going about his business facila hair grows over his face and its dark like his hair

Race and ClassEdit

Death Knight,Paladin

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Blacksmith and Miner


Only memories remain of his family and freinds none of them survived the ambush

Father Martain Cinner killed in ambush

Mother Terri Cinner Died of wounds

Brother Kevin Cinner Died early in the "UW Program" when halfway through a experiment

Background Edit

Mitchell Cinner was brought up in lorderon his family renowned blacksmiths at the age of five he began to learn the craft. one day they where out taking there goods to menitheland were ambushed by Arthas. The perants and elders where killed by th groaning undead and mitchell and his freinds and brother where taken Tests began on them during Arthas's travels as his idea for the perfect warrior able to infiltrate into human sociaty and battle on the front line killing hundreds in there stride. the tests and experiments ragfed on most of the people died as failures and became banshees and the like. When arthas moved to his frozen throne he had his last pet experiment sent to Stratholme for the last tests. The adding of the black rage his gene seed and loss of all his memories. The rage the seed and the memoriy loss where applied and all sucsessful, Apart from the memory test. this test failed by the trigger of his name using his new abilates Mitchell Broke free slaughtering his way out of stratholme (See Neither Man Nor Beast) and ran into a scarlet patrol butchering them as they attacked him leaving one to live for helpfullness. Dressing in armour of the fallen he ran across a forsaken mage who informed him that he was not destined to be bad but would never be far from it. the mage then fell apart. towards lights hope he found two farmwers who mistook him for a scarlet one was killed for this mistake and the other left alive. after reaching lights hope in new clothes he was transfered to the Stormwind City AD post where he left to explore the city hoping for new memories to return

Dispite Cinner being practically mercyless he's not evil just misguided

Family Background Edit

The Cinner Family where a nice family from lorderon and where off trading when they ran into the Bulk of Arthas's army.

Criminal Record Edit

Wanted for the murder of ten Scarlet crusaders (Tyr's Hand sect)

Various deaths have been reported in SW noticably in the crimanal underworld petty theives all reported dead or VERY dead

Personal Notes Edit

Skin of Scars: Horrible experiments and spells enflickted a large toll on his skin but makes it resistant to most attacks (Not invurnerable)

Black Rage: The last test inflicted to him by the undead Apothicary's it left a serpent shaped brand like a tatoo on his shoulder the rage is so strong that it makes the bearer resistant to wounds (On a roll of 5o or more)and allows the person to have beserker strength

Seed of Arthas: A rare disorder possibly part of the experiments Cinner has been made almost a clone of the litch himself and is able to summon the lords powers for himself on a lower scale.

Just give me a reason: Mitchell Cinner is Psycotic mostly due to the bad experiments he kills without quarter but spares life just as easily kindness is repaid greatly and bad deeds are repaid with a vengence. This is the kind of man who will cherish a smll mouse feeding it cheese and then go kill a Gnome for "Looking at him in a funny way"

Current Status Edit

In Stormwind looking for a way to Recover his memories


You Dare fight me? I Who bested Ten Scarlet missionarys?

(Ditto of above but the number of missionarys getting bigger, with better equipment, riding dragons E.T.C while his equipment gets smaller Unarmed on foot unarmoured E.T.C)


The Great Miguel from an Anime called Rune Explores i think who comes up with the quote of beating ten riders with said riders gwetting larger in number and better equiped.

Blood Angels Death companyFrom Warhammer 40k They have Gene seeds of the Emperor as do all marines but they have what is called the black rage (On a certain dice roll they ignore wounds)

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