Alliancecrest small Cinty Cindersprocket
Title(s) Journalist
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Class Mage Tinker
Age 49 (quite young for Gnomes)
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation The Alliance
Occupation Engineer Journalist
Status Alive
Relative(s) Candennery Cindersprocket (father), Cinty Cindersprocket (Mother), Candy Cindersprocket(Sister, pronounced "Sandy"), Gnomish Utility Squirrel Mark 15 (Pet, considered family.)

Cinty Cindersprocket the Second is a gnomish engineer who lives in Stormwind and works for the newspaper, Quill and Cobblestones. She positively marvels at all forms of engineering, and can somewhat use magic (if you ignore the horrendous skill). She is famous for her reports in the Quill as well as her various inventions, some of which have partially revolutionised parts of the engineering world. With a Dalaran education, Cinty Cindersprocket has exceeded expectations in Stormwind, particularly in the "sanity" department.

Background Edit


Cinty Cindersprocket and the Utility Squirrel.

Cinty was the child of Candennery Cindersprocket and Cinty Cindersprocket, two aspiring engineers in Gnomeregan, and is the younger sister of Candy (Pronounced "Sandy") Cindersprocket. Cinty first showed her skills for magic when her father was joyfully showing baby Cinty some inventions - a squirrel, a blowtorch, etc. - when she suddenly let off a spark of flame from her hand. Her father jumped for joy, having finally aquired a mage in the family, and started reading to her from magic books. She never really cared, though, and when she gained speech, she always asked her father to read the the traditional bedtime stories, like Engineering Through the Ages or Manual 486 of the Gyrothermatic Engine Drive. An incredibly intelligent gnome, Cinty first made a proper gizmo when working with her mother on a few small components; Cinty had been messing around and successfully made a walking, sound-emitting toothbrush. It later caught fire, which was a bit depressing.

When Cinty Jr.'s father died in an unfortunate apple-based explosion, her mother took Cinty and her sister into increased seclusion, never letting Cinty or Candy go out of their mother's sight. Cinty and Candy, two very pretty gnomes, never got a chance to explore sociality until they were discovered by a gnome handing Mrs. Cindersprocket's weekly component bill. He hard the girls arguing with their mother, insisting that they should be let outside, and ran off to tell someone. Mrs. Cindersprocket was given a court order to let them explore. They instantly took to the social life, and Cinty got chased after by many happy-go-lucky gnomes. They went into relationships, they went out, but the girls stayed together through their entire lives out there. Eventually, the Troggs invaded Gnomeregan, and Cinty's mother didn't manage to escape, and was caught in the initial stampede of Troggs, gnomes, machines and fumes. Cinty and her sister managed to escape with their lives, but were scarred for life. Cinty also got her eyes badly damaged by the fumes, making her have to wear large glasses from then on. ( Naturally, she made them like goggles, and is constantly tinkering with them to make them better. They are currently able to let her see in the dark, as well as let her zoom in her sight. She can also change their shading configurations (so less light is let in). She considers the glasses a bonus to life, especially since she's not chased after by men as much.)

They made their way to Ironforge with the rest of the exiles, crying all the way, and lived together for a good few years, selling various inventions. Years later, Cinty was invited to join the Gnomish Union. In a burst of adventurism normally unseen in her, Cinty set off to Stormwind, where she hoped she could have better luck making a living. Candy Cindersprocket went off to be an explorer, location currently unknown, which worries Cinty deeply.

After a while, Cinty realised that the world is much larger than it appeared, and she wanted to know more about it. She joined the University of Dalaran, where she proved to many humans that she was remarkably intelligent, although she did somehow manage to set fire to a water elemental.

Cinty eventually left the university for the life of a Journalist, where she was sure she could make her fortune. She joined the Quill and Cobblestones crew, and took up permanent residence in Stormwind.

Cinty is a level 20 gnome mage.

Personality Edit

Cinty is a strangely sane gnome. She is completely aware of her situation, and is almost always apologetic for other gnomes' insanity. Cinty has developed a personality similar to a mother, in that she is usually very optimistic, but gets very hot-headed very easily, especially when people disrespect gnomes. She also gets a little nervous when talking about her personal life, but can get very open to friends. She has a remarkable intelligence in her, and has managed to surmise the theory that pretty much all of the insane gnomes are male. To gnomes, it is said, she is very pretty. To humans, she's adorably lovable, like a kitten. Or a puppy. Cinty also has the gnomish trait of perfectionism, but more obsessive than can be healthy. She gets annoyed when she can't get her hair right and is always fiddling with it, and she is rather unhappy with the Squirrel's look. Cinty is never seen without several gadgets around her neck and waist, including, but not limited to, a modified Snap-o-Matic, a stun-flash-emitter, a universal remote control, a spanner, a welding torch, a small bag of tools and a miniature Arcane Nullifier (which is now broken and used to hold cups). Remember, she has much more as well.

Don't mock her goggles. Just... don't.

Cinty and Candy (Pronounced "Sandy") Edit

Cinty's relationship with her sister is a strong one, and the two girls are as thick as thieves. Together, they invented their inter-squirrel communication device. Ever since their seperation, they have been slightly more distant, but they hope to meet each other again as much as possible. They communicate with each other as much as possible, and always make sure to tell each other about things. However, Cinty has recently lost contact with Candy, which worries Cinty. If you ask Cinty about where Candy is, she'll try to change the subject. Cinty can sometimes be found sitting in her room, possibly sobbing, as she thinks about the times she would spend with her sister, and she sometimes gets the urge to become an explorer and find Candy, just so they can be together. There are some rumours that Candy is somewhere in Northrend, but Cinty profusely denies this. Cinty does, however, often spend times making rather obscure actions when in Dalaran, such as releasing a large firework that says something in Gnomish, and a noise that sounded like "SSSSSENNNDYYY", that could possibly be percieved as signals. Cinty denies this as well, insisting it's just insanity. Very specific insanity.

Squirrel Edit


Yes, it has cutlery for fingers.

Cinty's favourite invention to date is her Utility Squirrel, which she is never seen without. It has the appearance of a regular mechanical squirrel but, on closer inspection, seems to have extentions and doodads EVERYWHERE.

Known gizmos in the squirrel include:

- A Candle Lighter (this laser is known to make candles explode, to leave large smoking holes in the wall and to make other machines melt).

- A flash-emitter (for photography).

- A inter-squirrel communication device (a phone used to communicate with other Squirrel phones.

- A tail-fan (the tail turns into a fan).

- A chicken-crest extender (Seems to make a large "WHOOOOOO" noise).

- Voice recognition (It can understand Cinty's voice).

- Gas emitter (Known gases: Sleepy gas, eye-burning gas, smelly gas and fire gas).

- Noise Recorder and Emitter (known recordings: several Tauren Chieftain musics).

- Stungun.

- Regular gun.

- Targetter.

- Various sound emitters (Alarm Clock, Ringtone, etc.).

- Alarm Clock.

- A Lifter-Thing (The squirrel positions itself and extends its legs, allowing it to lift things).

And many more gizmos which are too hard to remember, completely pointless, and some that Cinty can't even remember putting in.

Appearance Edit

Cinty would be a very pretty gnome, were it not for the huge goggles that dominate her face. It can be seen that her face is berift of make-up or anything else like that, and that she wouldn't really need it.

Her hair is in the "Huge, pink pigtails" theme, meaning she sticks out like a lime in a row of pineapples, and that her hair doesn't get in the way of engineering. Her hair is held up by odd screwdriver-shaped hairpins, which people speculate are real screwdrivers.

Her figure is also quite undiscernible, as she is always wearing all sorts of gadgets around her, such as a squirrel box, her personally modified Snap-o-Matic, her typewriter (which takes up an entire bag), a (somehow) mechanical notepad, several bags-o'-stuff, a tool belt and a big bag around her neck that looks like it would explode if touched too roughly. As can be seen in the picture, however, she's in a fit condition, probably after carrying all of that stuff.

Her shoes are heavily-worn. Seriously, they're beaten-up, broken in some places and generally completely bedraggled. She normally wears a blue dress with the Quill and Cobblestones tabard sewn into it.

Her belongings have a tendancy to be mechanical somehow. She even managed to mechanify her notepad. Look out for traps or alarms.

Notes Edit

Gets really annoyed when people disrespect gnomes.

When asked how her gadgets work, she normally tells people that it is powered by "Hydrogyrothermatic Kilometrons".

Cinty is also an award-winning Actress, having most recently won an O.S.C.A.R. award for her performance as Tyrande Whisperwind in the play "The Two Brothers".

She is also credited as the sole creator of the O.S.C.A.R. awards (Official Stormwind Cindersprocket Award Rodents).

She is ALSO known to be the brains behind the first official Festival of the Arts.

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