Goal of the City WatchEdit

The City Watch was formed to provide neutral support to member of the alliance, no mather what class or race you are.

We patrol the streets of every major city and alert on intruders, thiefs and everything that tries to Disturb the peace in the alliance teritory.

Joining The City WatchEdit

The City Watch is currently one of the oldest law enforcment guilds on the server, dating back to 2007.

The city watch also is a light to medium rp guild that tries to make every member part of it.

The guild is currently not active since it is very hard to recruit and keep members for a longer period of time.

People who like to join the city watch are encouraged to send an ingame letter to apply in both Rp and OOC.

Armour rules of The City WatchEdit

The armor rules are as follow:

Plate wearer: try to get the imperial armor or equal coloured with guild tabart.

Mail wearers, perfering Blue of grey armor with guild tabart

Leather wearers: see colours on mail wearers.

Cloth wearers: White or Blue robe with guild tabart.

these are not really rules but more of a guideline, we encourage you to keep to this guideline.


We have a tabart that looks almost equal to the ones the stormwind guard npc wear.

History of The City WatchEdit

In 2007 a group of people deceided to form a law enforcement union that was not tied to one city, they became known as the city watch.

The city watch had a rumour time from the moment of creation but still exists these days in thinned out form, we are now seeking again to people to fill our ranks and become a force to reconised.

In RP we have all alliance leaders backing us, but we are not political immunity like other law enforcement guilds claim they have, the law is the law and nobody stands above it.

For this reason the city watch will not RP with guilds that do in power emoting, godmodding or don't even try to do decend roleplay.

The city watch also does not RP with guilds that claim their HQ (Command centre in SW we own that since 2007 and are willing to share it) as their own and refuse to share it, we just simply ignore those people.

Guilds that respect this are conciddered allies and friends of the city watch and enjoy full protection from them.

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