Hordecrest small Champion Claireriel Telanorei
Title(s) N/A
Gender Female
Race Undead Blood Elf
Class Death Knight
Age N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliation The Soulfeaster
Occupation Champion of the Soulfeaster
Status Possesed by Kag'ar
Relative(s) N/A


Champion Claireriel Telanorei

Physical TraitsEdit

Pale, cold, lithe. A few words to describe Claireriel in apperance. She is most obviously Undead, a Death Knight of sorts clearly. The Sin'dorei posseses a mildly lithe frame with little 'meat' on her bones, even so however she still sports a build that makes her more than athletic and agile enough to be formidable in combat.

Her pale skin is almost a matching colour to the snow white hair that drapes down to her shoulder before flowing further down onto her upper back. It i clean, like the rest of her, even as a corpse this Elf seems to still keep up apperances as 'best' she can.

She does not radiate any stench like most Undead, and she still posseses some minor level of 'beauty' and good looks, her body in quite good condition and looking to be in the very early stages of decomposition.

Decomposition appears to be somthing her Undead body no longer does, its current state sustained by focused Necrotic magics as to avoid her body falling into a state where bits would begin to drop off.

Claireriel's attire is an oddity, the Undead Sin'dorei chosing to dress herself in her people's colours rather than deep blacks and dull grays like most Death Knights choose to wear. Her armour however seeming more 'decorative' than useful.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Blood Elf Death Knight




Champion of the Soulfeaster


Aragar Telanorei - Genetic Father - (Deaceased)

Telrin Lur'surel - Step-Father - (Deceased)

Laelia Kennyr'neldth - Mother - (Deceased)

Farinor Borae Kennyr'neldth - Uncle - (Alive)


Claireriel's was brought up in a family that seemed simple on the outside, yet dark within. Her father was abusive to both her and her mother, making sure both 'knew their place' with frequent violence and often severe beatings. Her mother was to afraid to act against him, the threats of terrible deeds that he claimed he would do if he spoke or acted against him kept her from doing so. Yet did not keep her from finding love, comfort and solace in the arms of another man. This other man was Claireriel's true father, her genetic father. Unlike the cold-hearted sadist, Telrin Lur'surel, her mother, Laelia Kennyr'neldth had found herself married to, Claireriel's true father was kind, warm and loving.

He was a simple man, Aragar Telanorei, a Quel'dorei study of the Arcane arts. Yet as simple as he may be he had capture the heart of Laelia. They're love lead to Laelia carrying a child that would become Claireriel, a child however that would be brought up into a family of beatings and violence.

For five years Claireriel lived in fear of her marital father, him being deceived into thinking Claireriel was his own daughter unknown to him she was not, yet regardless he still treated her as dirt. His days however were numbered.

On the day before Claireriel's sixth birthday her mother and father argued, for the first time Laelia had stood defiant against Telrin, such rebellion however engraged him. Blinded by his anger he took up a blade and slew Laelia, just how corrupt to the core he was showing clearly as he slit her throat without hesitation. He intended to do the same to his daughter, she had seen this deed, and his cold black heart made no protest against the concept of killing his daughter to be sure none learnt the truth of what transpired. A sword to the back however severed his plans.

Saved, by her true father, Aragar, Telrin was killed. Taking up Claireriel, Aragar pushed aside his studies in the Arcane to raise his child. Alone, he struggled, yet had no intention in giving in. His persistance paying off as the young girl grew to a strong woman who found place within the High Elven military defending the forests of Quel'Thalas.

Years and years past, the father and daughter living happily together. The past however not forgotten by either of them, but not allowed to plague their minds as they lived fruitful lives. Aragar soon mastered the Arcane, turning to the school of Frost and the manipulation of Water whilst Claireriel excelled within the ranks of the High elven military to become a rekowned commander.

The Scourge invasion however destroyed all they had made, along with their home and Aragar himself.

Whilst Claireriel survived the Scourge invasion her father was consumed by the tide of death that swept over the High Elven lands of Quel'thalas.

In the aftermath her fathers demise was made obvious, yet the pressing task of rebuilding from the devastation left in the Scourge's wake left her little time for mourning. She followed those who re-named themselves Sin'dorei, aided in the reconstruction of Quel'thalas and the City of Silvermoon and soon found herself within the ranks of the newly formed 'Blood Knights'.

As she did in the High Elven military, Claireriel excelled within the ranks, however the toils of rebuilding Quel'thalas the loss of her father and the horrors of the Scourge invasion had left her changed. She was merciless when it came to law and order, her concept of justice twisted into somthing dark and violent. She would show no quarter to the corrupt, to the criminal or to the traitor and strike down those who would resist without remorse.

In time she slowly began to edge back towards her former self, feeling warmth sink back into her heart and soul, warmth she had previously lost and now began to re-gain. New friendships helped her down this path. Kelryth, Ralina, Clorette and many others in her earlier days unknowingly helped her become the person she once was simply by being there.

As time went on she made further more friends, new faces. One of which was Shalis. She was a tough shell, yet one who was cracked by Claireriel's kindness and warmth. The two became good friends, Shalis soon becoming the best she had ever had. Yet their time together as friends was limited.

Shalis disapeared, abducted by Dun'garok Dwarves, a fact unkown to her. In this time Claireriel herself vanished, sent to the desert of Tanaris Claireriel was given the task of retreiving a long lost ancient weapon from the sands. A weapon she found, a weapon that stole the warmth of her sould. Touching the blade's hilt, it leeched the very good from her, leaving only an empty void and darkness behind. Claireriel vanished, for weeks she wandered the wastes of Tanaris dazed and confused by what had transpired before she finally gathered her tattered mind.

She took the blade, and completed her mission. Yet finally returned to Quel'thalas a changed person, darker, eviler. There she once against met Shalis, but the closeness she felt for her was lost, she no longer viewed her as friend. The darkness within her twisted what she knew, she viewed Shalis as a threat, a foe and someone who abbandoned her when she disapeared leaving her to become this dark husk of her former self.

Inevitably they fought, Shalis the victor of what she belived to be a harmless sparr, she had unkowingly killed her close friend.

Death however, was not the end.

Mind reeling, twisted and warped by the corrupting magics she rose again as a reflection of her former self. Somthing well bent of revenge, and somthing with considerable power! She set out on a 'crusade' a personal vendetta against Shalis and her Blood Knight lover Queilin.

So twisted and warped, malicious with ill intent she hungered for Queilin's demise and saught to turn her once close friend Shalis's into a mindless thrall. Firstly however, she saught to increase her power, siphoning the Unholy magics from the Scourge Necromancer's of the Plaguelands. To herald her inevitable coming howevr she sent forth minions, three Unliving minions. These heralds spoke of her return to Shalis and Queilin attempting to strike fear into their hearts into the day itself came.

Claireriel came forth, drawing Shalis to the Plaguelands along with her Blood Knight Queilin for what she deemed would be their executions and her justice. It was in truth Claireriel's undoing. Struck down, Claireriel failed regardless of her power, she was defeated by those she saught to slay yet even in this second demise she found salvation.

One herald she had sent, one in which she had used the corpse of her own true father, Aragar, had turned against her will and aided Shalis and Queilin. Not only did he speak of her weaknesses and hand them weapons to use against her, but he also granted them a device in which they could take the twisted soul of Claireriel and cleanse it.

In using the device they mended the corruption, freeing Claireriel from the taint and granted her another chance, even if it was once again unlife. She was reborn.

Once again she looked upon Shalis as friend, her hatred for Queilin gone but a bitterness would allways remain within her aimed towards the Blood Knight. Claireriel still possesed her Unholy powers granted by the blade, seeking to harness them to their full extent she saught the Ebon Blade of Acherus and served under their banner and the watchful eye of the Highlord.

Untill her training, or so she felt, was complete.

She eventualy broke from the Ebon Blade, instead of returning to Quel'thalas and the service of Silvermoon she turned to the Undercity, the Dark Lady and the Forsaken. With them she found a place, sent north as a Vengance Bringer within Sylvanas' "Hand of Vengance".

Showing unquestioning loyalty to the Dark Lady and the Undercity, and achieving victory after victory on each mission and skirmish she was sent on against the dangers and threats of Northrend, Claireriel soon found herself earning the rank of 'High Executor' and the honour of leading the Hand of Vengance's offshoot The Fist of Vengance.

Weeks passed since the Fist's formation, recruitment was slow as many Forsaken found themselves and remained within the Hand of Vengeance. However a tidy sum of soldiers were gathered for the Fist. The Fist quikly introduced itself to other factions of the Horde finding themselves in the frozen north, one of them being the Beastmaw Clan through which the Fist became part of the Horde War Council.

Further weeks passed since then untill the High Executor made a sudden disapearance. In the depths of the Dragonblight was the High Executor captured by the Scourge and for the following weeks of her absence, exposed to unthinkable amounts of brutal torture in an attempt to break her and force her to submit to the Lich King's will as a servant to the tyrant once more.

In time she gave in, as the Scourge exposed her to a powerful relic of unkown dark power. It broke her in seconds, twisted her mind and left her as easy prey for the dominance of the Lich King. Once more did Claireriel Telanorei serve the Lich King.

Unkown to the Scourge however and even the Lich King themselves, they had fused into the body of the ex-High Executor the remaining essence, power and soul of the Unrelenting Terror, Kag'ar Boneshatter.

The days after the control the Lich King had over her crumbled away and what remained of Claireriel was destroyed and replaced with the dark manevolence of Kag'ar. Deep within Kag'ar however resided somthing else, somthing much darker and evil than even he. Within his blackened soul lingered an evil unkown force from beyond the boundries of reality, an power from another dimension that controled him and through him controled Claireriel.

Combat ExperienceEdit

Battle of Baleheim

Battle of Nifflevar

Seige of Skorm

Seige of Gjalerbron

Assault of Utgarde Keep

Seige of New Hearthglen

Seige of the Undercity

Current StatusEdit

Possessed by the soul of Kag'ar

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