History Edit

Long before the Wars the Fireaxe Clan built a small village in Southern Nagrand and used it as an Embassy to Nagrand and as a small outpost.It was deserted for sometime untill the Orcs,Tauren and Trolls of the Clan went back to Draenor to reclaim the old-lands of our Ancestors.


Now it is used as an outpost/village where peons may live and some of our Guards live and defend.This is a great spot for fishing,hunting near-by creatures and setting up shop and sell your wears to passers by. Recently,the Chieftain is exhibihting the Expedition and is pleased and sometimes stays in Clan Watch or Garadar.Sometimes the Alliance Expedition attacks our village and injures a few peons but luckily Priests and Shamans are at hand to help.Within dueling is allowed,Mounting is allowed and Stopping for a drink before a Hunt is allowed,but don't cause any trouble!This is strictly Fireaxe Territory,you may only come in if authorized incase you are a member of The Peoples Voice or other groups that wish to destroy the boundries of the Horde.

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