Name Edit

The late Inquisitor Alex Collins

Physical Traits Edit

A recent corpse, he is moderately well preserved for his condition. He has a definite would to his left shoulder, though it apperas not to impede his movement. He is to be found wearing a rather tattered robe and tabard of the Scarlet Crusade.

Guild Edit

Scarlet Martyr

Occupation Edit

Inquisitor Collins is head of a fanatical group of ex Scarlet Crusaders. As such he can be found in and around Tirisfal preaching the Light and fighting the scourge.


Alex Collins gave up all family connections when he joined the crusade, nothing is known of any wider family.

Background Edit

Inquisitor Collins was an influential and successful military leader in the Scarlet Crusade. He became injured in battle with the Scourge, and his wound became infected. To prevent himself becoming a means of the plague entering his beloved crusade, he took poison to kill himself.

Unfortunately rather than burning his body, it was merely buried. A short time later he found himself alive again, as a free-willed forsaken. Although not all of his memory remains, he is nevertheless still devoted to the Scarlet cause. He has joined with several others in similar conditions, and together they keep the faith in spite of significant adversity.

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