The Suncrown Conclave believes that a critical part of a high-quality "Heavy" Roleplaying guild is guidance towards a unified and decent look that matches the theme and character. As we represent the kingdom of Quel'thalas; the proud Blood Elves, we have styled oursleves away from a ragtag bunch of Elves to an organised and devoted group, whilst also keeping the element of uniqueness and individuality.

Retainer MilitantEdit

We have organised our ranks system into a simple and easy system, whilst also providing the ability to advance up the small chain. The "full member" rank - Retainer- is applicable to all members, be they spellcaster or swordwielder. However, there are two categories that will be subject to different specified roleplaying events and parts of this guide. The more up-front battle-ready Elves are known as Retainer Militants. Be it bow, sword and shield or any other combination, you will likely fit into this category. The general basics of this outfit are as follows:

A typical Retainer Militant

  • Unadorned Chain Vest/Sun Cured Vest
  • Unadorned Chain Belt/Sun Cured Belt
  • Unadorned Chain Leggings/Sun Cured Pants
  • Unadorned Chain Boots/Sun Cured Boots
  • Unadorned Chain Bracers/Sun Cured Bracers
  • Unadorned Chain Gloves/Sun Cured Gloves
  • Silvermoon City Tabard/Silvermoon City Doublet

And other optional additions, such as the [Blood Knight Pauldrons] item, an eyepatch, the lack of gloves. The imagination is not hindered by this. We realise that the City tabard is only available from level 77 onwards, and so the Doublet is another alternative.


A Ranged Retainer


A Retainer Captain

Retainer SorcerorEdit

Ranging from the book-worm scholarly wizards in the great libraries of Silvermoon, or the illustrious Mage-Priests renowned for their healing and arcane might across the Eastern Kingdoms, our Retainers are overseen by Master Oakwarden himself. Nurtured from the beginnings, our sorcerors rise up to fufill the Elves' reputation as the greatest wielders of the arcane on Azeroth.


A typical Retainer Mage-Priest


A Senior Mage-Priest

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