Hordecrest small.gif Condemption, (formaly Kathleen Grimshore)
Placeholder image of Condemption, (formaly Kathleen Grimshore)
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Age 24 (died)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliation Forsaken
Occupation Master Apothacary.
Status 'Alive'

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Small even as a human, the hunch of Undeath gives her the appearance of someone even shorter. Her eyes, once glowing with the bright light of undeath are now covered with two simple black leather straps, wrapped in a cross over her face. She very rarely removes her hoods, prefering to keep her head covered and unseen. Under, her hair is black and matted, unbrushed or cared for since her death it frames her head in a loose and messy bob.

Around her neck Condemption always wears a small silver chain, holding a medium sized pendant shaped and coloured into the Forsaken symbol. This is the only jewelry she wears. She is never seen in anything but robes and around her belt is a small sickle that sits on her left hip, this is accompanied by many test tubes, some empty but most filled with various liquids and herbs.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Forsaken, Warlock

Guild[edit | edit source]

Unspeakable Villainy

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Herbalism and Alchemy

Background[edit | edit source]

Condemption, born Kathleen Grimshore was raised in a good family. Her mother a simple baker had fallen in love with a Paladin and son of the Local lord. She was raised to be moral and kind, taught with strict guidance by her father who made sure she could read and write. At 16 she married a young mage and, choosing the more simple way of life over the more frivalous of her childhood, moved to a small holding not far from her home just outside Brill. Within a year of her marriage she had a daughter. She lived a prosperous and happy life for years until the coming of the plague.

By age twenty four she had become one of the many humans to fall to the Undead Plague. Risen again as a mindless ghoul she wandered Lordaeron under the Lich Kings command. As the Lich Kings power waned however she found herself able to think more clearly. It was hard however, the breaking free painful and the memories harsh. Sylvanas, as she did with so many others helped her pull away from the Lich King completly and she started a new life of undeath as a Forsaken. Here she took up the path of a warlock, taught by a former neighbour of her home town. Her medical knowledge of herbs and potions was extended as she practiced the wide variety of recipes offered by an Alchemists proffession. She remained for a time nothing but a simple ghoul, her heart still longed for the knowledge that her family had made it away with their lives and had not ended as monstrosities.

As the years passed the memories slipped away, her powers growing as she became a notable member of her race. As the painful memories subsided the bitter and raging anger set in, her heart set on nothing more than vengence on those who had betrayed her and death to all who had done this to her. As such she scraped her human name for a new one 'Condemption' and made it known this was all she wished to be called by. As the years passed and Forsaken became members of the Horde, Condemption found herself befriending many races she had once hated in life. Although she rarely travelled to the other cities she found much trade for her potions and her ranks in the Royal Apothacary quickly rose.

Extremly loyal Condemption dedicated her every action to the bettering of the Forsaken and the instructions of the Banshee Queen. As the Dark portal re-opened she did very little in the old home of the Orcs aside alchemy research and spend as much of her time as possible in the plaguelands, battleling the scourge. Promoted to the level of Master Apothacary, Condemption was imspecting a strange un-labelled vial in the labratories when it exploded, due to a reaction with the air. Although in one piece her eyes were severly damamged and had two crossed straps attatched to her face. Fearing being blind would undermine not only her career but also her chance of vengence Condemption practiced her skills in the dark arts until eventually she was able to use them to see.

Her heart set on Northrend Condemption, unable to do much in her Alchemy duties due to Purtress and the disloyal Forsaken, she spent her time following small duties and quests. During the fall of Undercity Condemption was quick to get herself and others out of the way of the betrayers but was arrested by the Kok'ron as soon as the zeppelin landed in orgrimmar. Put on Trial for crimes against the Horde, she was found Not Guilty and allowed back to her duties. Angered by the situation she temporarily put her alchemy on hold and travelled to Northrend with her Orcish friend Gorvar. Here she remains, fighting against the Lich king until one day she can finally get her vengence.


Mother: Sian Baker(alive)

Father: David Grimshore (Alive)

Sister: Adellia Morst (Alive)

Brother: Mark (Alive)

Husband: George Lionmane(Alive)

Daughter: Siala Lionmane(Alive)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Condemption is extremly loyal and will do anything to better her race and the bidding of only the Banshee Queen. Althought deep down she is caring for those close to her. She is extremly focused and very smart, spending most of her time bettering her proffesions and magics. The needs of others come second to the needs of her own and her race. She is often bitter and revels in the pain of those she dislikes.

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