Alliancecrest small Constance Agatha Mayverdine
Gender Female
Race Half-Gilnean, afflicted with the worgen curse
Class Harvest witch/druid
Age 26
Alignment Probably chaotic good
Affiliation The Cenarion Circle
Occupation Military work
Status Hairy
Relative(s) Dead, undead or feral


Physical TraitsEdit

Human formEdit

Constance is quite tall (6"6), broad-shouldered and toned in musculature, though has some feminine curves on her. Her shoulder-length hair has volume to it and could be nice if it wasn't largely left to however it appeared in the morning with a scarce amount of brushing. Her most striking characteristic would probably be the ridiculous amount of body hair that covers her skin. Under all that hair her face has a sort of young-adult innocence to it, mainly in the big dark blue eyes surrounded by all of that blackish-brown hair. Her jaw comes to a feminine rounded point at her chin, even if her body is built a bit like a female orc. Her nose has a wide slightly-flattened bridge.

As seen from her lips, or if you have a raid through the hair, her skin is a deep tanned colour to the point it looks more about genetics than a tan. She also has a couple of front teeth missing.

Worgen formEdit

Her height and musculature becomes more prominent with a hard six-pack and broader shoulders. Her scraggly mane bears a long fringe near her glassy green eyes, with the majority of her mane tumbling down to her back. Her coat is thicker than that of some, mostly black save for a blue smudge over her nose, belly and inner-thighs.

She still has a couple of front teeth missing.


Howlfang Pack as a Claw rank - basically she still punches things.


Part of a Pack with a pollitical bent.


William Mayverdine - father, feral and still wandering the Blackwald in Gilneas like a mindless beast. He survives the chaos going on there, somehow.

Agatha Willow - mother, her wherabouts and status are unknown. To Constance, at least.

Lucibald Quayley - her tutor and like an uncle to her. Killed during the worgen invasion.

Petunia Smith - her babysitter and teacher in Harvest witch-related things. Killed during the worgen invasion.

Henrietta Oakwood - her other babysitter and teacher in Harvest witch-related things. Killed during the worgen invasion.


The first word to describe Constance would be awkward, with oblivious running a close second. She seems quite unaware or unconcerned about social norms and horribly prone to manipulation, following any odd commands to an extent. Terrible social skills aside, she is loyal, has a strong will for exploring different environments and is driven to fight back corruption and threats to the natural order like any other Harvest witch that learned more druidism from the Night elves. Though she will happily catch and eat a rabbit, she cares for animals and is against needless harm or waste of them.

Her neurological state lends her a sort of unbiased innocence to her with regards to people like halfbreeds (Also because she is in little position to judge herself) but also a childish temperament. Her mood is very focused on the present and it can be difficult to turn a sour face-punching mood into a positive one.



Born illegitimately after a little too much alcohol from a visiting noble, Constance's thin layer of hair that coated her spooked the midwife. As the birth was just kept between the two and the midwife sworn to secrecy, Constance survived. Her father had suspicions after hearing on his next conveniently-timed visit to Gilneas that Agatha had obviously been pregnant. He demanded to see her and after chasing down others' responses as to her wherabouts he eventually found her holding his newborn child. He felt a tug of paternal love for the child and vowed to play a part in her life.

The outside world assumed Agatha's pregnancy ended in a stillbirth and blamed her large amount of time indoors on depression. Coping with raising the child in secret all by herself proved difficult, and she left abruptly when Constance was still young. Faced with the choice of being locked outside or in by the coming construction of the wall, William chose the latter to stay in Constance's life, dragging a load of money for living expenses and a servant along. This irked his noble family quite a bit.

To help look after her whenever he wasn't around, he managed to hire two kindly Harvest witches and have them swear not to reveal her existance, in case others reacted a little too badly and took her appearance to be a bad omen or worse. The servant he brought along quickly began trying to help her catch up on homeschooling, noticing that she seemed a little off on a social level. The Harvest Witch couple agreed to initiate Constance in the old ways when she began showing interest.


Her rare visits outdoors became more frequent due to her protests about feeling cooped up all the time. Her father agreed to go outside with her under the condition she covered/shaved the worst of her condition, though this didn't stop her from helping with any failing crops or running into a beehive. When indoors she would keep herself occupied with lifting weights and other activities.

When she was old enough to acknowledge the politics behind the wall she mostly avoided thinking about it in a nervous avoidant way, apart from sighing at how things outside the wall must be interesting. What she did grasp of the effects of the civil war terrified her into staying indoors more than she'd like.


Life carried on as it usually did, with her befriending a man by the name of Charles B. Wellington before the worgen and the evacuation kicked in. After being bitten by one of the beasts, the family suspected nothing and kept her sealed firmly inside due to the rumours of beasts going about. This ended badly, with three bodies and her father nowhere to be seen. She remembers nothing between feeling sick and prodding at a strangely hairier wound to finding herself in the stocks getting some strange concoction forced down her throat.

She soldiered on in grief with Charles, now afflicted with the curse and struggling to manage just being out in the world permanently. As if this wasn't hard enough, the ground was beginning to tremble and undead monstrosities were encroaching on the land. She swiftly took up fighting, finding that her muscular build gave her an edge when it came to purely brawn-based fights.


When the southwestern shore gave way to the shattering, she promptly began hauling out half-drowned Gilneans with Charles and attempting to force air down their necks where necessary. They worked as scouts and militia in general, but after a mission involving an attempt to scout Emberstone the two were captured by the Forsaken and forced to work in the mines until her rescue. Charles died due to the Forsaken Apothecaries in the area doing experimentation on him after an injury left him unsuited for mining.

None of this left her in an ideal state and she needed additional support to carry on fighting and make it out of Gilneas. She managed to partake in major events like the battle within Gilneas city and inbibing the waters of Tal'doren but she was quite clearly in grief and having trouble taking care of herself otherwise. She survived the boat trip back, but upon arrival in Darnassus her lack of drive in anything resulted in her having to be looked after like before.

She was assigned to a Kaldorei druid trainer who had worked with disabled students several times before to broaden her druidic talent and try to overcome her depression in time. It took quite some time, but she showed promising skill to the point of it helping to prove that her physical condition was natural and not the result of anything demonic or the like. In time, she was out aiding Kalimdor and chatting with other druidic students in Moonglade.


Family BackgroundEdit

The Willows are a simple commoner family of Gilnean origin, whilst the Mayverdines are a noble family from outside of Gilneas. Both have taken pretty bad hits in population from Azeroth's conflicts, with at least one member having turned Forsaken.

Criminal RecordEdit

Destruction of a pillow in Hearthglen, breach of the peace by throwing peanuts at someone that irked her. Possibly going AWOL from the Argent Battalion in Hearthglen. Was found intoxicated and acting (More) strangely from drug usage within Stormwind. Has done time in the Stockades for punching people in the face.



A white bear Constance was entrusted to return to the wilds when he was old enough, she slightly disregarded the commands not to grow too attached or name it and dubbed him Bear. She still occasionally visits him in Darkshore. He is managing to live as a big white bear just fine in spite of his disadvantage.


A snail Constance got for lugging an orphan around for a week, she tries not to call it by gendered terms under the argument that snails are hermaphrodites.

It seems a little too fast for a snail and has a ridiculously resillient shell, possibly the work of some enchanting.


  • Likes peanuts. Don't steal her peanuts.
  • Has autism and hypertrichosis.
  • Polysexual, imagines she shall have 'puppies' with someone someday.
  • Buddies with Zelotes, in spite of how crabbit she can feel towards his behaviour at times. Probably helps that they both have a childish streak.
  • Due to being an illegitimate child kept a secret, her noble lineage likely counts for nothing. She has a small fortune in her father's will though but good luck getting through all of the fighting in Gilneas to find that.
  • Does not like bees. Or cultists. Either of them send her into a panic or a flailing rage.
  • Is capable of using the flight form and the aquatic form. Hasn't learned the rest as of yet.

Current StatusEdit

Exploring and training in her druidism.

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